Mir viel Glück
Fri Jan 11, 2019 14:31

Hilda was tempted - sorely tempted - to not say anything now that she knew Johana Leonie was from a remote enough town that she may - possibly - not have heard about the trial after all. But somebody might have said something. Hilda wasn’t certain anywhere in Germany was remote enough that not even a rumor of what happened got through.

It was best really to come clean before Johana Leonie found out some other way. Especially since she’d given an wide open opportunity to share Hilda’s own surname.

“Zauberhexen?” she repeated, raising an eyebrow and trying to stay casual and calm and even mildly amused about it all, like she wasn’t deeply horrified by her connection to her own last name. Pity really, that Uncle Karl was Dad’s brother instead of Mom’s. Maybe then they could have adopted his last name when he adopted them. “Combine my hometown and surname, and we get yours. I’m a Hexenmeister.”

She flinched just a little in saying it, but then plowed on, hoping to push it back into something of little consequence, like it it was just Schmidt or something. “Zauberstadt is very beautiful. We lived on the outskirts of it, on the edge of the surrounding forest. We had a nice duck pond. I named all the ducks, but they couldn’t come with us when we went to live with Uncle Karl. But he bought me new ones. Their pond isn’t as nice though. Utah isn’t very green.”

  • Ich mag dich auch!Johanna Leonie, Mon Jan 7 20:45
    Johanna Leonie's eyes widened at the mention of so many other languages. Even if it was only a few students at the school who spoke these other languages, it felt good to know that there were others... more
    • Mir viel Glück — Hilda, Fri Jan 11 14:31
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