Tarquin Fox-Reynolds
One skills. They're enough to share between two, right?
Sun Sep 16, 2018 03:13

Tarquin took another long swig of tea, trying not to eye Mary too suspiciously over the rim of his mug. Her remark was rather cryptic and did little to settle his creeping sense of concern. He isn’t going through anything he’s not used to. That definitely implied he was going through something, and Tarquin had his own suspicions about exactly what that might be.

“The Dorian I know is a fairly happy boy,” he told her. His tone was gentle, informative, concerned. There wasn’t any criticism in it, and he refrained from pointing out that Mary could scarcely be expected to know what Dorian was used to going through, having only known him a week, because he couldn’t think of a way to say that - however neutral he kept his tone - that wouldn’t sound overly harsh and critical, but he did wonder how she felt able to judge whether Dorian’s current behaviour was normal or not for him. “On the quiet side, lacking in self-confidence but… broadly speaking, fine. Any sense that he is ‘going through something’ would be a change from his usual self,” he explained. “Although I can’t say it entirely comes as a surprise to hear it… Do you think this would be better discussed in my office?” he offered. The library was currently quiet but he didn’t like to feel that they were having a private conversation in a public place.

  • One people or one skills?Mary Brooding, Sat Sep 15 22:00
    Tarquin's advice was kind and encouraging. It was clear that he cared about students and staff and she wondered just how much he saw behind that desk of his. He'd certainly have access to more... more
    • One skills. They're enough to share between two, right? — Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sun Sep 16 03:13
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