Sun May 19, 2019 20:50

Jasmine was taken aback by Cleo's question. "Of course," she declared, having never doubted True Love. "My mom said she loved my dad from the moment she first heard his French accent. They were eleven." She sighed heavily. "The only French accent in my class is Dorian, and I think Tatiana likes him, and she's my friend, too."

  • PhewCleo, Sun May 19 18:47
    "Do you believe in true love?" Cleo asked, somewhat surprised. She was relieved Jasmine wasn't laughing at her over any of this, but she wasn't sure she quite trusted that view of things either.... more
    • Indeed — Jasmine, Sun May 19 20:50
      • Differences of opinionCleo, Sun May 19 21:23
        "Hm," Cleo mused. She took the brush back from Jasmine, flicking it over a fingernail to buy herself thinking time. "I don't think it always works like that though," she added, hesitant to disagree... more
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