Let's hope I'm patient enough to wait
Sun Nov 6, 2016 08:47

The kiss was less awkward than he anticipated it being. He wasn't sure why he thought it would be other than their history together, but he was glad that it was quite the opposite. When she pulled away, he thought that was the end of it and they would have to have a discussion regarding what it all meant, but to his pleasant surprise, Joella stared at him for a brief moment before kissing him again.

The invitation came with the second kiss and he eagerly accepted it, deepening their kiss and pulling her closer to him. He knew that he would have to talk to her; he didn't want their to be any confusion to what his expectations were. Joella was not Shelly, and he didn't want to hurt her if they were looking for different things. For the moment though, he was just going to enjoy her mouth against his and everything else happening between them.

  • I'm sure I will.Joella, Sun Nov 6 08:16
    Joella knew what was happening but still she could hardly believe it. And then Jax Donovan was kissing her! And she kissed him back, her eyes closed and head tilted upwards. After a moment she pulled ... more
    • Let's hope I'm patient enough to wait — Jax, Sun Nov 6 08:47
      • Impatience isn't always a bad thing.Joella, Sun Nov 6 12:45
        Joella thought she might get lost in the kiss, but as much as she wished to remain kissing Jax forever, the blonde knew her mind wouldn't rest until she got some answers. The only thing was, Jax... more
        • It's a struggleJax, Sun Nov 6 13:16
          The kiss lasted for a while and he was thoroughly enjoying it, glad that he had managed to get over his initial worry about confronting Joella about their feelings. But all good things must come to... more
          • I can't help you there.Joella, Sun Nov 6 13:40
            Joella wasn't surprised that Jax didn't want to be her boyfriend. Her conversation with Gia last term had not been forgotten and only now did she realise how much of it she had still misunderstood at ... more
            • Well, maybe you can a little bit...Jax, Sun Nov 6 13:56
              “What? No!” Jax said immediately at her question, “I didn’t mean it to come off like that’. He did not mean to imply that anything that they were doing had to be a secret. He didn’t really care if... more
              • I suppose I couldJoella, Sun Nov 6 14:16
                Joella wasn't sure why Jax was so horrified at the thought of keeping it a secret but when he suggested she might want to, her inner reaction to that was all the explanation she needed. "It's okay,"... more
                • Then lets make this happenJax, Sun Nov 6 14:51
                  Jax relaxed when Joella told him that she understood what he was saying. Talking about feelings and things was not something that Jax was accustomed to doing and he found himself not liking it now... more
                  • What are you waiting for?Joella, Sun Nov 6 15:14
                    Joella found herself yet again surprised when Jax told her he wasn't looking at anyone else but this time she kept it to herself. Maybe she was foolish to think otherwise? One minute Joella thought... more
                    • I have no ideaJax, Sun Nov 6 15:31
                      This felt like an odd situation to be in with him sitting on the stairs and her standing in front of him for two people who had only just started making out and trying to figure out just what they... more
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