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Yeah, Im starting to get that impression.
Sat Mar 3, 2018 01:17

Some hours earlier, implications - however solid - would have flown over Joes head. Now, though, he still felt terrible, but he was much more in command of his faculties, enough to realize a losing battle when he saw one.

Food...might be good, he admitted. His stomach felt tight and hollow, with a dull gnawing. Food sounded as unappetizing as it had at breakfast, but he knew he needed some if he had the slightest intention to stop feeling so weak and shaky any time soon. Maybe a cup of tea and some toast to start with? Steady things up a little, I only had coffee all day before I came here. He rubbed his eyes. If its Friday, Im a vegetarian either way, he remembered to add. long have I been here?

Evening, shed said. Good evening, dinner. He had been wrong about the time then. Either it wasnt tomorrow or worse - it was late tomorrow, practically the day after. He hoped for the former.

He paused for a moment, trying to debate merits and drawbacks to himself, before adding, I, uh, vaguely remember not being very polite to you. Im sorry about that. This would perhaps underline how improved he was and get him out of here faster...once he had some food, and maybe another nap.

  • You might have to get used to itAisha Kapoor, Fri Mar 2 20:24
    (OOC - agreed with Joes author in chatzy that hes mistaking sunset for sunrise, otherwise hes been out solid for 20 hours) He gave one last feeble attempt at arguing, and then was in bed, taking... more
    • Yeah, Im starting to get that impression. — Joe, Sat Mar 3 01:17
      • Things seem to be heading in the right directionHealer Kapoor, Sat Mar 3 06:17
        I hope thats just cos you were feeling ill and is not a frequent habit, otherwise I suspect youll be back here rather often, Aisha commented, when Joe said hed only had coffee for sustenance... more
        • Excellent.Joe, Sat Mar 3 21:09
          Not regular, no, said Joe. Food didnt appeal, but I was...really sleepy and thought it would wake me up. He paused and added, It didnt work. He raised his eyebrows slightly in surprise when... more
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