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Oi, hey now, don’t do that.
Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:08

Jozua shrugged, trying not to look shifty as Lily questioned his certainty that wizards would like her. “Sure,” he agreed with ready confidence, figuring that was a safe ‘prophecy’ to make. “I Saw it in a crystal ball someone left lying around in the common room,” he lied with a wide grin and a twinkle in his eyes that meant she was supposed to take it as play rather than reality.

When she told him the potion was solidly purple, he added in the quills, going slow so he could stop as soon as the color changed to red. Adding too many was a sure was to mess up this concoction and porcupine quills could definitely be explosive in large quantities. Jozua knew that very well.

He put away the remainder of the unused quills as Lily stirred.

Then she betrayed him. Or rather, he betrayed himself when he started in guilt at her unexpected inquiry into his own female affections. For a moment, he just looked at her with wide alarmed eyes, then he forced a smile and a laugh. “Nah,” he lied blatantly. “I’m not really into fancying girls. I prefer dueling to drooling.”

A horrible thought occurred to him and he was quick to add, “Not into fancying blokes either. Dueling. I just like dueling. Not drooling. Over people of any kind. Especially not guys. Or girls.” Oh dear Merlin, he pleaded for divine intervention, Make me stop talking.

Merlin answered him and Jozua stopped talking.

  • Turning the tables.Lily, Tue Nov 28 17:53
    There was nothing left to crush into powder. Instead, Lily put swept off the remnants of dust on the desk with her hand. "Thanks," she replied to his oath to keep it a secret. It was embarrassing... more
    • Oi, hey now, don’t do that. — Jozua, Wed Nov 29 10:08
      • Well, why not?Lily, Thu Nov 30 15:26
        Lily grinned at his teasing and would have punched him in the arm if he hadn't been holding the porcupine quills. She didn't feel insecure about being liked much, but she knew she wouldn't care if... more
        • I don't wanna talk about itJozua, Thu Nov 30 21:14
          Lily wasn't talking. That was never a good thing. Lily was a talker. If she wasn't talking, it was because she was thinking, and there wasn't anything about what he'd just said that he wanted her... more
          • Oh. I see.Lily, Fri Dec 1 13:22
            Lily had not expected Jozua’s answer. She had imagined more adamant denial and maybe admitting he liked someone, not be madly in love. She waited a moment to analyse his tone for sarcasm, but found... more
            • Disaster AvertedJozua, Fri Dec 1 15:59
              Lily again was not talking. That always made him nervous even when he hadn't just admitted what he'd just admitted. He hadn't mentioned any names, but how many girls did he really hang out with or... more
              • For the time being.Lily, Sun Dec 3 15:28
                Despite her unhelpful advice, Lily was relieved to hear Jozua decide to be a total coward for now. It was still strange to hear Jozua talking about this third party and it made her feel... more
                • Nope, I was wrong. Catastrophic failure!Jozua, Tue Dec 5 08:59
                  For a whole minute, Jozua thought he was in the clear. But once the potions disaster was averted, and it was quietly bubbling away with the appropriate grey color it was supposed to have, Lily went... more
                  • *screams*Lily, Wed Dec 6 13:56
                    “What?” Lily might’ve been genuinely confused about his answer if his facial expression didn’t give it away. It was a good thing she wasn’t holding anything because her body went slack, including her ... more
                    • Since alwaysJozua, Wed Dec 6 23:56
                      Since when? To Jozua, the first words out of Lily’s mouth sounded accusatory. He flinched slightly. He wasn’t sure if she meant it as a genuine question or rhetorically, and he wasn’t really even... more
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