Mary Brooding
Perhaps we should put them on? For science.
Mon Aug 6, 2018 14:50

Mary grinned as Tabitha discussed her ideas of various potions and strategies for Mary's first classes. She hadn't quite intended it to be a question, but should've known that Tabitha would want to help. That was one of the things she loved so much about her, was her willingness to dive into somebody else's problems and help them clear it out. She was doing much the same as she tidied Mary's office with her, and it was somehow even sweeter when she knew Tabitha wasn't wholly confident in her potions knowledge.

"I'm hesitant to try Felix Felicis when Quidditch tryouts are coming up," she admitted, waving a wand to remove all the dust from the now neatly-sorted books. "As much as I can tell them it's illegal, that doesn't mean they'll listen. But you make a good point about CATS and RATS. They'll need a challenge."

Her own first day of potions had been nerve-wracking, and Mary knew she couldn't expect students to be at peak listening performance on their first day.

"I like your idea of focusing a bit on lecture as we go on. I think it'll be good to start with the challenge and thrill of brewing a potion to help clear out some nerves before we dive into anything more theoretical."

She had briefly considered working on the potion to turn the drinker into an animagus, but the process arduous and disastrous if failed. Besides, she doubted the headmaster would be thrilled to have a whole class of graduating animagi.

"I'd love to get an idea what other lessons are coming up in their classes and try to tie them together somehow. Brewing wolfsbane when you're teaching about werewolves, working on the cure for warts while they practice transfiguring things into toads, that sort of thing."

For a moment, Mary imagined the work that would go into that level of coordination. The idea was dismissed quickly.

"I'm excited to meet the students," she said, smiling.

  • I say swimming costume which is just the best phrase ever.Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Aug 6 14:38
    Tabitha listened to Mary's dilemma and smiled gratefully when the woman handing her a lovely cup of hot chocolate. Briefly, her thoughts turned to the Opening Feast, remembering that the hot... more
    • Perhaps we should put them on? For science. — Mary Brooding, Mon Aug 6 14:50
      • Sure. For science... Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Aug 6 15:31
        "I'm happy to co-ordinate our lessons," Tabitha nodded, liking the idea. Mentally, she tried to tell herself that the benefits of tying lessons in different subjects was solely for the students, as... more
        • All the things!Mary Brooding, Mon Aug 6 15:45
          Mary smiled gratefully, glad to have someone on her team. She was more than a little nervous herself and knowing she'd at least have someone to brainstorm lessons with, even if just for themes, was... more
          • Ohh... Are you going to tell me about these things?Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Aug 6 16:21
            Tabitha stopped her sorting in favour of drinking her chocolate and leaned on the shelves with her hip. She remembered the first lesson she'd given, remembering the swirl of nerves she'd felt, the... more
            • Perhaps... in time.... Mary Brooding, Mon Aug 6 22:01
              Mary laughed once, hard. "That's not comforting at all!" she said, and it really wasn't. If Tabitha Hawthorne, the woman who wasn't afraid of anything, who chased a Wampus Cat to the detriment of her ... more
              • Oh, I can't wait to find out.Tabitha Hawthorne, Mon Aug 6 22:21
                Tabitha couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as she watched Mary's magic at work, tidying and putting everything away. She didn't know whether to be amused or shocked that the lovely Mary Brooding had... more
                • A tidbit here and there.Mary Brooding, Mon Aug 6 22:48
                  A blush rose through Mary's neck and cheeks but she dipped her head to hide it as much as she could. When she looked up, she'd managed a smirk. "Yes, of course," she replied. She hummed something... more
                  • You're a total tease.Tabitha Hawthorne, Tue Aug 7 12:25
                    Tabitha raised an eyebrow at how quickly Mary had downed her glass of whiskey and was holding her tumbler out for more. The Defence teacher hesitated a moment, wondering if she'd unleashed some kind... more
                    • I'm a total mess!Mary Brooding, Tue Aug 7 16:13
                      Mary managed a weak smile, but couldn't quite look at her friend. She let the woman's words hang in the air and didn't answer for a moment. Having read parts of Tabitha's journals and spoken with her ... more
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