Mary Brooding
I'm a total mess!
Tue Aug 7, 2018 16:13

Mary managed a weak smile, but couldn't quite look at her friend. She let the woman's words hang in the air and didn't answer for a moment. Having read parts of Tabitha's journals and spoken with her now for quite some time, Mary understood that her relationship experience with women was almost nonexistent, if not actually nonexistent. A nervous flutter rose in her chest.

I am... curious to see where this friendship of ours will go and what it will develop into.

Mary thought she probably understood what it was like to be a specimen.

She threw back the next of her glass of whiskey and held it loosely, clearly not wanting more. Tabitha had, essentially, been open to the idea of some future something or other, but it did little to soothe the sore spot in Mary's chest. Of course, she knew that sore spot had a name-- Michelle-- but she hated to think like that. It didn't make anything easier to know that, though.

"Thank you," she said quietly, working to keep sincerity on her face. Then, she yawned. "This has been lovely, I'm glad you were willing to come help me. I do think I'll have to call it a night though, I want to make sure I get some lessons put together for this week!"

  • You're a total tease.Tabitha Hawthorne, Tue Aug 7 12:25
    Tabitha raised an eyebrow at how quickly Mary had downed her glass of whiskey and was holding her tumbler out for more. The Defence teacher hesitated a moment, wondering if she'd unleashed some kind... more
    • I'm a total mess! — Mary Brooding, Tue Aug 7 16:13
      • It appears that so am I.Tabitha Hawthorne, Tue Aug 7 16:56
        Tabitha did not understand what had just happened. Mentally, she reviewed everything she'd just said, trying to work out if she'd said something offensive. When she couldn't find anything, a look of... more
        • It's not you, it's me.Mary Brooding, Tue Aug 7 20:14
          Mary closed her eyes as soon as Tabitha was out of range to see her expression and she flinched as the door slammed shut. When she opened her eyes again, her knuckles were white around the tumbler--... more
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