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You read my mind
Tue Sep 4, 2018 06:33

Dorian had to listen hard to Professor Brooding’s answer. She went off on quite the tangent. He didn’t mind that as such, although she was one of those people where you had to wait until the very end to find out what the point of the sentence was. Usually it was a good point though, so he didn’t mind waiting. He was not sure what the point was this time… She had said he was a good problem solver, and now she was saying that he would have to go through a lot of problems to become one. Which meant she didn’t think he was one yet.

He did not have too much time to dwell on this though, as she was suddenly exploring a whole other tangent. One that made Dorian feel like she must be using legilimency on him. He had known it was a risk, coming to talk to her, when she had seemed to read him so easily before, but… but they had been talking about China, for Merlin’s sake! A perfectly neutral, safe topic, and now she was talking about loving people you weren’t supposed to love. And about how deep his feelings were. All of it swirled around Dorian’s mind. He was scared by the degree of insight Professor Brooding seemed to have into his mind. He sorted of wanted to reply to what she was saying, but if they started, where would they stop? He couldn’t find any thought that seemed safe to express, like it wouldn’t just start a landslide, pulling everything down with it until he’d told her everything.

Professor Brooding seemed gentle and nice. She seemed like she wanted to offer love and kindness to everyone. Dorian was pretty sure he could tell her that he’d tried to kiss a boy and she wouldn’t tell him that was bad, especially as he was in love with the boy in question. But he still hesitated. That was private. He didn’t want to try to explain his feelings because he didn’t understand them and he was only going to make a mess of it. Sometimes, of course, it helped to get someone to sort through them with you, but this was too personal.

Dorian looked away from her, glancing down at the book in his hand in order to have somewhere else to focus his attention, and realising as he did so that he had been holding the same one for quite some time.

“I think I cannot sort books and have this kind of conversation at the same time,” he said, somewhat apologetically. And he made it clear which one he was choosing by turning back to the bookshelf.

  • I promise.Professor Mary Brooding, Sun Sep 2 02:27
    Mary smiled at first, enjoying Mr. Montoir's explanation of his grandfather and sorting Chinese texts. Then she beamed. "When I was younger, I really wished I was more patient. I decided I would work ... more
    • You read my mind — Dorian, Tue Sep 4 06:33
      • Sorry about that.Professor Mary Brooding, Tue Sep 4 17:22
        Mary was surprised when Mr. Montoir seemed to recoil some, and even more so at the fact that she found this so surprising. She'd been a student once; how creepy would she have thought it if her... more
        • It was probably my faultDorian, Wed Sep 5 04:06
          Silence reigned. Dorian tried to focus back on the bookshelves. But it didn't feel like comfortable silence any more. It didn't feel like they were two people working companionably in the same space. ... more
          • Certainly notProfessor Brooding, Wed Sep 5 17:48
            Guilt and sympathy washed over Mary in equal measure and she felt herself relax into the situation. Realizing she and Mr. Montoir were equally human was encouraging and she smiled warmly at him. "Not ... more
            • Professor Brooding was a strange kind of grown up. Most grown ups set lots of rules. And, even when they didn't, they still wanted you to be a certain way. He was thirteen - people didn't usually... more
              • Good. Not knowing means you have a place to start.Professor Mary Brooding, Wed Sep 5 22:34
                Mary smiled, glad to see Mr. Montoir making a choice and asserting himself, even if it was done so passively. This was a boy who had been through a lot, that much was clear, and she couldn't help... more
                • It doesn't just mean you are lost?Dorian, Thu Sep 6 01:59
                  It was strange, seeing lessons from this side, when they were not quite lessons yet. It was also curious and alarming and surprising to hear Professor Brooding say she did not have a plan for... more
                  • I hope not, for both of us!Professor Mary Brooding, Thu Sep 6 02:18
                    Mary laughed, surprised by Mr. Montoir's sudden change of tone. He almost seemed at ease, and certainly a little curious about her work. His blush reminded her yet again how young he was and she... more
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