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How could they not?
Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:24

Tatiana nodded in sympathy when Dorian mentioned that all the English gave him a headache sometimes. “Me, too,” said Tatiana. “Not as bad as first – then it sounds like many chickens!” she laughed, covering her ears to hopefully communicate, better than her spoken vocabulary could, how grating the surrounding gabble of English could be. “But I miss Russian,” she added sadly.

Gloom was not something her constitution tended toward, however, and she quickly brightened again as another brilliant idea occurred to her. “Hey – I see you, I say ‘bonjour, Dorocha’,” said Tatiana. “And you see me – ‘privet, Tatya.’ Ok? Then we hear a little of our right languages anyway.”

Bal-loon Tatiana noted the new English word. “Bon – anee?” attempted Tatiana, responding first to the part where it was apparently Dorian’s birthday. “We say s dnem rozhdeniya,” she added absently, now looking again at the balloons. “Maybe we tell Professor Skies. Is – takes mind away from work. It made your boots neprav – eto ne khorosho. You want me say so?” Perhaps, she thought, he did not want to seem ungrateful to his brother, and therefore required someone else to be rude on his behalf. Tatiana often did this for Katya; it disturbed her sister to do anything that might earn Mama’s disapproval, but since Tatiana did ten things Mama disapproved of before lunch every day, it did not much matter if she added one more for her sister’s sake. Of course, Professor Skies was not Mama and Dorian was not Katya, but she didn’t see what the difference in being scolded by her own mother and being scolded by the school’s mother was. This still did not account for Dorian not being Katya, but he was in the Yellow and Red House, which was supposed to be what Mama called 'sweet' people - Katya was such a person, and while Mama said Tatiana could be sweet sometimes in her own way, she was too rough to meet the full definition of the term.

  • “I’m sure,” Dorian nodded, when she asked if Jehan would help her too. He thought that the Club of Tongues might take a different direction than his and Jehan’s previous plans to read poetry together ... more
    • How could they not? — Tatiana, Fri Sep 22 11:24
      • It does go everywhere...Dorian, Sat Sep 30 00:43
        “Yes!” he laughed, when Tatiana compared the simultaneous cacophony of English speakers to chickens. “It is so much when many people speak it at one time. At home, maybe two people at one time, and... more
        • Tatiana nodded to the description of Jehan. “Yes,” she agreed. “He seems so.” If Tatiana understood the rest of Dorian’s speech properly, he was saying that at his home, they switched languages all... more
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