It does go everywhere...
Sat Sep 30, 2017 00:43

“Yes!” he laughed, when Tatiana compared the simultaneous cacophony of English speakers to chickens. “It is so much when many people speak it at one time. At home, maybe two people at one time, and then not only English. For me, it is the most strange that I cannot just change language. At home, we speaking some English but always I can change when the word is not easy. Here… They all speak in only English,” he shook his head, marvelling at this strangeness. “But with Jehan, he tell me just to say in the other languages if I cannot think in English. He maybe does not understand, but then my thoughts are finished, and this is nicer. He is very kind person,” he glanced over at Jehan’s back, and a content smile replaced the slightly sad look of camaraderie that he’d worn for Tatiana.

“That will be nice,” he nodded, when she suggested they greet each other in their proper languages. “Privet Tatya,” he repeated to himself, to make sure he had it clearly in his mind. Tatya was a logical enough shortening of Tatiana. Which helped him work backwards over the words she’d said she would say to him. “I am Dorocha?” he clarified.

“Merci beaucoup,” he smiled, when Tatya wished him a happy birthday in French. The Russian phrase was a lot longer, and more unwieldy than simple the ‘hello Tatya’ that she had already taught him. “You will write that down please? And also your birthday,” he added. He dug around in his bag, pulling out a notebook. The cover currently read ‘English phrases’ but before passing it across to Tatiana, he crossed this out and replaced the title with ‘Club of Tongues.’

She then brought up the very sensible plan of asking Professor Skies to rid him of his balloons, on account that they had made his boots neprav, which he could only guess, under the circumstances, meant ‘explode.’ He wasn’t sure what the rest of the syllables that Tatiana tacked on the end were. He assumed they were an aside to herself though. She even offered to ask for him, which he guessed meant that she had guessed that he was in some way embarrassed to do so. Which was embarrassing.

“I will ask. I plan to do this, but then I get interested by talking to you,” he smiled, trying to downplay the idea that he had any problem drawing further attention to himself and his balloons, nor risk anything that might make them make That Noise again.. “Professor?” he called, hoping that most of the class was now too busy with their projects to pay attention to what he was asking, little as he planned on revealing anything like the truth. When Professor Skies came over, he continued. “Please can you make the balloons go away? But not with finite incantatum!” he added hastily. “My brother send them for my birthday and he make them so they follow me, and I try this already but it’s just making them explode. And they are… distract me. Maybe distract other people too.”

“Of course,” Professor Skies nodded. Personally, she was sure no one really minded the balloons except Dorian, whose uncomfortable squirming she took to be embarrassment. Sonora students were at that sensitive age where they’d decided that being different was bad. Presumably the balloons, that his thoughtful brother had sent, were ‘uncool.’ She waved her wand, and the balloons disappeared with only the small ‘pop’ of a disapparating object. “They’ll be waiting for you in your room,” she told him.

“Thank you,” Dorian smiled, a little stiffly, as Professor Skies retreated. The thought that the balloons were Waiting For Him was not exactly a comforting one. He had wanted to cover his ears, just in case, when she’d cast the spell but he figured that would make him look odd. He hoped that neither she or Tatya had noticed him flinch at the small ‘pop’ as they were removed.

OOC - not god-modding Professor Skies because I write her

  • How could they not?Tatiana, Fri Sep 22 11:24
    Tatiana nodded in sympathy when Dorian mentioned that all the English gave him a headache sometimes. “Me, too,” said Tatiana. “Not as bad as first – then it sounds like many chickens!” she laughed,... more
    • It does go everywhere... — Dorian, Sat Sep 30 00:43
      • Tatiana nodded to the description of Jehan. “Yes,” she agreed. “He seems so.” If Tatiana understood the rest of Dorian’s speech properly, he was saying that at his home, they switched languages all... more
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