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Re: OLd to begin
Thu Jun 24, 2010 07:38

Old to Begin was the only one I found in non-standard tuning on that site. All the others I looked at (Gold Soundz, Desert, Frontwards, etc) were all in the wrong tuning. Use this resource instead, most of it was contributed by folks on this board:

  • Re: OLd to beginSordid Sentinel, Thu Jun 24 06:02
    I found the proper tuning and a rather accurate version of the tabs: Enjoy!
    • Re: OLd to begin — IHOP, Thu Jun 24 07:38
      • Re: OLd to beginSordid Sentinel, Thu Jun 24 08:13
        But I use that site intensively as well! Thanks for the tip anyways.
        • Re: OLd to beginIHOP, Fri Jun 25 07:25
          Eventually I'll get around to posting one of those funny youtube clips of myself playing some Pave songs acoustically in the proper tunage. One day...
          • Same for meSordid Sentinel, Fri Jun 25 08:35
            I will too, except that my gfriend will play the drums and I'll use my electric guitar.
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