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Gabriel Errant
Huh. So much for friendly competition.
Mon Nov 22, 2010 22:39

Momentarily confused as to where the ghost-thing had gotten at, Gabriel cried out in surprise as his hand opened of its own accord, and a streak of silvery white emerged from his briefly chilled body. "Gah!" He clutched at his now snitch free hand, staring wide eyed at the ghost-thing, before looking away and letting a swear word escape his lips, his breath visible in the cool air. He looked back at the ghost, his wide brown eyes no longer playful beneath the long lashes, but irritated. He opened his mouth, a frown temporarily settled on his usually easy going face. "Do you things just forget all about personal space and boundaries once you've died and gone all incorporeal?" He snapped.

"Besides," his frown deepened. "I still caught the snitch. You were just along for the ride. Among the living, we don't call that clever. We just call it cheating." And Gabriel did feel cheated. He knew it was only a game, that it meant nothing, but that fact that the ghost-thing had crossed that boundary, invaded his body, just shook him the wrong way and made everything seem more important than what it was. Not used to feeling this sudden animosity, Gabriel had always been the type to get along with everyone, always the good diplomat, he took a few calming breaths and tried to settle down. Maybe because the ghost-thing wasn't human, wasn't as real to him, Gabriel felt like it was alright to unleash frustration he would normally waive away.

"So, we've done the game, si? You go do your thing, continuaré por me." His spanish seeped out, reminding him just how much this thing had distressed him. He stretched out a hand. "Snitch, please." He demanded irritably. As soon as he asked for it, he realized he didn't really want it. But just the sight of ghost-thing holding it made him angry.

  • There's really only room for one of usLaeche, Sat Nov 20 22:34
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    • Huh. So much for friendly competition. — Gabriel Errant, Mon Nov 22 22:39
      • I'm actually quite capable of friendly.Laeche, Tue Nov 23 21:44
        Laeche blinked as the boy exploded at him. He didn't say anything during his outburst, figuring that it would probably only wind him up more. Though he was rather used to this kind of treatment, both ... more
        • That's nice. Try showing it.Gabriel Errant, Sun Nov 28 23:01
          Gabriel caught the golden ball and clenched it tightly, his knuckles white compared to the rich tan of his skin. He let the words of the ghost thing wash over him, his posture tense as if bracing... more
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