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Angela Oakes {Chaser}
Doing not so well, myself
Wed May 18, 2011 21:33

Angela knew she was being entirely unhelpful right now. Her optimism that her arm would somehow fix itself in time to score a goal was rapidly fading, though she was keeping a good face on. She didn't want the other team to figure out that her ability to Chase was maybe just a bit more seriously damaged by that Bludger than she had let on. Besides, her back hurt. She was ignoring it while she flew, but she would seriously need a massage or something after this game was over with.

She had hung back by the side of the Sapienti hoops while the Chasers followed each other in a mob across the pitch. This hanging-back seemed to pay off now, as she had the opprotunity to circle over and catch the Quaffle in her left hand as the black-haired Chaser threw it towards one of his team mates. Well, she didn't really catch it in her hand, it was more like letting it slam into her ribs and then holding it there with her left arm. But hey, an intercept was an intercept, right?

Forcing herself to fly a bit faster and wincing at the strain in her back as she leaned forward over her broom, she came up a bit closer to one of her own Chasers and threw the ball towards them with her left hand. It was a clumsy throw and she knew it. She was pathetically weak in her left hand; she had strong doubts that her fellow Chaser would even be able to receive the pass before it either fell too low to be caught or was stolen away again.

Well, I got it away from the Fireballs for a bit, she reassured herself glumly. Even if she was never able to get the Quaffle into the hands of the more capable Chasers of her team, she figured that she could at least make herself a major obstacle to their opposition as they tried to pass the ball back and forth.

  • I agree whole-heartedly!Patrick DiCaprio, Wed May 18 01:19
    Patrick had narrowly dodged the Boardhound Chaser's kick, but a little nick in the head wasn't too bad. He could deal with that. After making his goal and not allowing the cheering to go to his head, ... more
    • Doing not so well, myself — Angela Oakes {Chaser}, Wed May 18 21:33
      • Normally I'd say how sad I am to hear that.Gabriel Errant {Chaser}, Thu May 19 10:30
        Patrick caught the pass and Gabriel continued to push on with slightly lesser speed and then made a complete stop, hovering in the air when he saw Oakes circle around and intercept the Quaffle.... more
        • Now isn't a normal situation.Liana Chapman, Thu May 19 19:30
          After knocking a Bludger towards the silver man, Liana saw the other Bludger nearby and flew down to meet it. With the Seeker above her and the Chasers still in a huddle farther down the pitch, she... more
          • BAMHector, Fireball Chaser, Sat May 21 01:53
            Hector had decided that stalking the Boardhound’s side of the pitch had made the game become boring. The only good thing that had come from it was the realization that their Keeper was rubbish.... more
            • BLOCK...Emilie McClure, Mon May 23 16:34
              Emilie was growing a little bored as she watched the match. Sure she wasn't the biggest fan of the Quaffle coming her way, but it could at least come near and then be stolen again. Like that hadn't... more
              • Or, um, not...Jian Wong, Mon May 23 17:21
                Jian always evaluated his team's performance constantly throughout their games. Even when he was a kid, even when he hadn't been the Captain, he had still always done it. It was habit to watch them... more
                • Fireballs 20. BH - 0 (nm)Coach Green, Mon May 23 17:28
                  • The One Where Calix Beats You AllCalix, Thu May 26 00:31
                    He guessed he couldn't have expected her to tail the seeker the whole game... He tried not to watch her but it was pointless to try, they were on the same team. In a game. It wasn't fair because it... more
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