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Re: Longabaugh=Kilpatrick/Cassidy=Hanks
Wed Nov 8, 2017 11:56am

Why is it a horrible ID? There is no other eyewitness saying they see Butch and SK anywhere else. Including Argentina. Zero eyewitnesses there. I wouldn't rule anything out.

I agree it would be possible to see a group of guys at a distance and assume it was the outlaws. However, he was close enough to recognize it wasnt Harvey Logan. I have to think he was close enough to see Butch and SK. Keep in mind, he may have been right about it not being Harvey Logan. There could have been others involved in carrying out the robbery and escape.

In my opinion, I wouldn't characterize him as a bad witness. I think its fair to characterize him as a honest witness. Now whether his info is right, we don't know

  • Re: Longabaugh=Kilpatrick/Cassidy=Hanks Vince Garcia, Wed Nov 8 11:43am
    That's the only guess I can make to attribute his horrible ID of the two men. If he personally knew butch and sd, how could he make such a horrible ID? The four don't look alike. Kiklpatrick... more
    • Re: Longabaugh=Kilpatrick/Cassidy=Hanks — ChrisV, Wed Nov 8 11:56am
      • Re: Longabaugh=Kilpatrick/Cassidy=Hanks Vince Garcia, Wed Nov 8 12:17pm
        It's a horrible ID because 1. It wasn't them. 2. the men it was do not look like the men he claimed them to be What do you mean you wouldn't rule anything out? Do you mean you think Butch and SD... more
        • Re: Longabaugh=Kilpatrick/Cassidy=Hanks ChrisV, Wed Nov 8 12:29pm
          1. How do we know it wasnt them? 2. What makes you think it was OC Hanks and Ben Kilpatrick? I do believe they had something to do with Wagner.
          • Good work Chris. Pat, Wed Nov 8 1:02pm
            We don't know who it was. We will never know . And just like all the other robberies in numerous states unless they were caught or shot then no one will ever know. I do think it was Butch with Logan... more
            • Re: Good work Chris. Vince Garcia, Wed Nov 8 3:17pm
              Pat, you just the other day said Butch DID go to SA. Now you're backtracking on that?
            • Re: Good work Chris. Daniel Buck, Wed Nov 8 1:39pm
              Pat, your post has not been scientifically tested. Until the lab results come back, we will consider it bogus. Best, Dan
              • Oh DanPat, Wed Nov 8 2:47pm
                Your research was not tested either.You did no testing on Harvey's bogus letter . You did have testing on the bodies that were dug up and proven not to be Butch or SD. In fact we only have your word... more
                • Re: Oh DanChrisV, Wed Nov 8 3:06pm
                  Cut him some slack Pat. The last time he had something tested, it turned out to be the worst time in his life. Being laughed at by the entire world has him gun shy to have anything tested ever again.
                  • Re: Oh DanDaniel Buck, Wed Nov 8 4:17pm
                    Chris, You do not have the slightest idea on what testing is all about. It's to determine the validity or not of a proposition. If the test turns out negative, it's not a failure, it's an elimination ... more
                    • Re: Oh DanChrisV, Wed Nov 8 4:25pm
                      Thats great Dan. Now your thinking. Its taken a year, but your finally coming around to my way of thinking. Lets test your Xerox documents. Lets see if they are authentic or if we can eliminate them... more
                • Re: Oh DanDaniel Buck, Wed Nov 8 2:58pm
                  Pat, Jiminy crickets, this is a discussion forum, open to any and all of compus mentis and for that matter, of non compus mentis. On some days, more of the latter than the former. Anyway my testing... more
                  • Okay DanPat, Wed Nov 8 3:39pm
                    It's been 26 very long years that we have known each other. All was great and wonderful for many of those years.Until I dared to start questioning some of your theories . That's when you went full... more
                    • Re: Okay DanDaniel Buck, Wed Nov 8 3:55pm
                      Pat, Yes, ignoring my rants -- I do -- would be an excellent idea. Smile. Dan
          • Re: Longabaugh=Kilpatrick/Cassidy=Hanks Vince Garcia, Wed Nov 8 12:47pm
            That's why i was asking about your perspective. If we presume they were the Wagner robbers, since the rest of us attribute that to hanks, BK and Logan, by default it cannot be BC and SD. So since the ... more
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