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Mark Mszanski
Eye Witness accounts abound as well in SOAM
Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:00pm

Dan -

Vice Council George Newbury had met Butch, Sundance and Ethel in person and ID'd them to Detective Frank Dimaio based upon the photos sent to Dimaio by the Pinkerton Agency while he was in SOAM. He indicated they were good folks who kept to themselves and had improved their land. However upon finding out that Butch, Sundance and Ethel were outlaws his tone changed . In fact, Vice Council Newbury discussed with Frank Dimaio a possible plan to bring the trio to Buenos Aires under a contrived story regarding title to their land. But weather seemed to be the hold back as it was the rainy season.

In addition Cassidy - James Ryan , Longabugh - Harry Place and Mrs L - Ethel were also ID'd by their neighbors - Juan Commodore Perry and Gardiner -

I believe Perry was an ex lawman back in Texas - Cassidy , Longabugh and Ethel were properly outed and ID'd .

  • Re: Here we goDaniel Buck, Mon Nov 13 7:25pm
    Parker/Cassidy/Ryan in New York & in Argentina: 29 July 1902 Pinkerton memo: "At 234 East 12th Street Longbaugh had with him George Parker. He was known at this boarding house under the name of... more
    • Eye Witness accounts abound as well in SOAM — Mark Mszanski, Mon Nov 13 8:00pm
      • Eyewitness accountneglib, Tue Nov 14 6:29am
        And what year did Newbury met them? Brett
        • Year?Mark Mszanski, Tue Nov 14 6:50am
          Accoding to his own notes , Frank Dimaio arrived in Buenos Aires in 1903. Based upon this date, Newbury would have known the trio in at least 1902 and possibly even as early as 1901 upon their... more
          • 1902neglib, Tue Nov 14 6:55am
            Don't stretch the facts. It was 1902.
            • Switch the facts ?Mark Mszanski, Tue Nov 14 7:14am
              I am not aware of Newbury stating which year he met them . You obviously think I am switching the facts . Do you have evidence as to whether it is 1901 or 1902? Can you present it here?
              • RE:1902neglib, Tue Nov 14 7:45am
                Frank Dimaio interviewed neighbor Dr. Newbery in March 1903 who said the following about Place and Ryan: “good fellows, doing well, doubled stock…within last year” which would mean 1902.
                • OK Very good =- And your point>?Mark Mszanski, Tue Nov 14 7:57am
                  Neglib - According to what you have found , Newbury states that in the last year (1902) they had built up their ranch. It does not state if he met them earlier. To me it states that over the last... more
                  • Eye witness in 1901?neglib, Tue Nov 14 8:55am
                    My point is that there are no eye witnesses in 1901 of the trio in SOAM.
                    • no eyewitenessMark Mszanski, Tue Nov 14 12:51pm
                      Ah yes - Butch is working on a railroad - In his home state - ok got it - Well there is plenty of documentation to view - Please search the past discussions as there are some good docs sourced and... more
                    • Re: Eye witness in 1901?ChrisV, Tue Nov 14 9:00am
                      You are correct Brett......ZERO. In the US however, we have many eyewitnesses seeing them.
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