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Thu Mar 8, 2018 3:19pm

There is a huge story and it has partially been told already from my research by Bell. Plus I have worked with Bob on it for years. You don't need to be snide about the bathroom thing. Whether Dan was joking or not he said it in a longer email to me. He knows it, I know it and God knows it.

  • Re: SpectacularChrisV, Thu Mar 8 2:31pm
    Hopefully there is more to this story than the bathroom floor story.
    • Chris — Pat, Thu Mar 8 3:19pm
      • Re: ChrisChrisV, Thu Mar 8 5:24pm
        Feel free to use my find, but give me credit.
        • NaivePat, Fri Mar 9 7:08am
          Chris not being mean but you are so new to all this. First of all I am not writing anything where I would use it. Others will though. They will simply refer to the article and cite the newspaper not... more
          • Re: NaiveChrisV, Fri Mar 9 7:50am
            I am new to this and its funny it only took me an afternoon to find it lol. Thats fine and dandy and up to you the author. I would give credit where credit is due, but thats just me. Thanking Dan for ... more
            • SoooPat, Fri Mar 9 8:35am
              Are you saying the RR photo is genuine and is Butch and Sundance?
              • Re: SoooChrisV, Fri Mar 9 8:46am
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