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Mark Mszanski
I am not on trial big guy - The article is out and the foot
Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:58am

I suggest you move on to some research or go find another debunked photo - LOL

Maybe you can go see your new Sundance Arizona article in person - LOL

  • You skirted around the question like a Tucker Carlson guest. Answer it and maybe we get some clarification.
    • I am not on trial big guy - The article is out and the foot — Mark Mszanski, Fri Mar 23 9:58am
      • Ive got other things besides Mark* Mszanski's flawed research to figure out. Why not answer the question? Answer and we can take it from there.....
        • Where?Mark Mszanski, Fri Mar 23 12:23pm
          YOu already have the resulting documents - And the results of my research - I really dont need you take me anywhere Now what you should do is something productive like some research -Or maybe you can ... more
          • Re: Where?ChrisV, Fri Mar 23 2:40pm
            I do have the results of your document....Its fictitious and flawed. The whole basis of your article is the signatures and you dont even know where they came from. Hard to believe....even for a... more
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