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Mule Photo
Sun Apr 15, 2018 6:33am

You can not tell who is in that photos except that there are mules and not horses. Could be anyone.

  • Re: The humble mule wins?Daniel Buck, Sat Apr 14 6:45pm
    Vince, I can't really add anything to what I've already posted, that mules were the preferred mount in the Bolivian Andes in the 19th and early 20th century; they are more sure-footed on difficult... more
    • Mule Photo — ChrisV, Sun Apr 15 6:33am
      • Re: Mule PhotoDaniel Buck, Sun Apr 15 6:56am
        Chris, Best to look at the big picture, so speak. Sometimes provenance -- that is, information about the date and location of the photo and identity of the people depicted -- trumps resolution.... more
        • Re: Mule PhotoChrisV, Sun Apr 15 7:09am
          Sorry Dan, I dont accept it as proof. Could it be them? Yes, it could because I can't really tell who anyone is in the photo. Could it be someone else....of course and probably is
          • Re: Mule PhotoDaniel Buck, Sun Apr 15 7:44am
            Chris, We're talking evidence, not proof. Evidence is what you gather, the building blocks, that help you reach a conclusion, tentative or otherwise. The history of the photo, the date, the location, ... more
            • Re: Mule PhotoChrisV, Sun Apr 15 8:29am
              Two mules have been identified. After that, could be anyone as I said earlier. Doesn't mean anything without the faces
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