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Daniel Buck
"medios ñatos," not pug noses.
Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:11am

Let's stick the the record: San Vicente eyewitness Remigio Sánchez described the two bandits' noses as "medios ñatos," not pug noses. Best, Dan

  • Two legit photos of SundanceChrisV, Sun Apr 29 9:06am
    Ive been over this cabin thing with you. Prove it. Show us pictures that line up with the cabin in the photo. We have two photos of Sundance that are 100% him. He has a roman nose, not a pug nose.... more
    • "medios ñatos," not pug noses. — Daniel Buck, Sun Apr 29 9:11am
      • Brett Has a Great PointChrisV, Sun Apr 29 5:56pm
      • 1901 eyewitnessesneglib, Sun Apr 29 5:30pm
        Dan, What do the 1901 eyewitnesses in SOAM say about their noses? Best, Brett
      • Re: "medios ñatos," not pug noses. ChrisV, Sun Apr 29 9:27am
        Funny in the tea party photo it is a pug nose. Hmmmm. Medios natos would not include a roman nose. Hmmmm I think we all agree Fort Worth Five photo is Sundance. I think we all Agree the NY photo with ... more
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