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Bob Goodwin
Sundance, Giant of a man
Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:33am

For the record I am not a photo expert either, you did point out something that looked puzzling. From looking at the photo for many minutes, and examining it. It does have perspective problems as mentioned by Mark and yourself. I think the most glaring, and why she appears so much shorter is that even though she is standing to the side of Sundance, she is also to the right of him by at least nine feet, and behind him by what looks like about three feet. In fact Sundance appears to be standing closer to the camera than everyone in the line of people. His horse's shadow looks to line up with the shadow of the woman to the left. His horse is standing at an angle, and Sundance is in front of the horse, placing him closer to the lens, hence taller than everyone else, while Etta appears to be the opposite, standing off to the right and behind the whole line of people. Not by much, three feet or less, but with the camera angle, appearing shorter than she really was. The rest of the line of people, including Butch all seem to match up size wise to each other, it is just Sundance and Etta that are out of perspective.

  • CabinsChrisV, Wed Sep 12 5:03am
    For the record, I am not an expert in photography. I was pointing something out. Take it for what you will. Etta who is next to SK is much shorter than she should be. She is also not the same size as ... more
    • The Cabin and it's growthBob Goodwin, Wed Sep 12 6:05am
      Initially I have believed that the Jinetes photo of the riders, and the Tea Party photos were taken on opposite sides of the cabin. That is not so. They were both taken on the same side of the cabin! ... more
      • I give you creditChrisV, Fri Sep 14 5:08am
        Its good to see someone on here not being a sheep. Bob obviously sees theres a problem with the Tea Party cabin and tried to figure it out instead of just going with the flock. Thanks Bob. I think... more
      • Bachelor pad Mark, Thu Sep 13 12:14am
        Bob. Pretty neat. Thanks for this. No idea that Butch had his own little pad. On additions, it is not unreasonable to assume they made mods as time went on. Thanks for this.
      • Re: The Cabin and it's growthDaniel Buck, Wed Sep 12 8:26am
        Bob, your observation is a welcome reminder of what we do not know, or to go full Rumsfeld, what we don't know we don't know. The two photographs represent but two brief moments in the BC&SK&EP... more
        • Re:Bob Goodwin, Thu Sep 13 6:05am
          Dan, I agree, The length between the two windows on the front side of the cabin, unless there is some perspective problem in the photo, is much too close. However, the back of the cabin presents even ... more
        • Good Morning DanChrisV, Thu Sep 13 4:55am
          Ill accept your silence as you've finally come to your senses and realized its impossible for that cabin to be the Cholila cabin. Look on the bright side, the three individuals haven't been debunked... more
        • SilenceChrisV, Wed Sep 12 2:50pm
          Come on Dan. Your supposed to be a witty guy. Please explain how its possible the Tea Party is the Cholila cabin.
        • Re: The Cabin and it's growthChrisV, Wed Sep 12 10:56am
          Without this becoming a blood sport as you called it, please explain how the Tea Party photo is the westside of the Cholila cabin. Anyone can see it is too short and has the problems that I explained ... more
      • Re: The Cabin and it's growthvince garcia, Wed Sep 12 7:52am
        Wait, bob--when you say they added a new bedroom, wouldn't that have been Butch;'s bedroom? Might the small shack have been for the ranch hands or Wenceslao Solis?
        • Re:Bob Goodwin, Thu Sep 13 6:36am
          Vince, according to the Sepulvedas and Gavirati the other cabin was where Butch lived. There were other buildings on the site in addition to just the two buildings.
          • Re:vince garcia, Thu Sep 13 11:04am
            Interesting. I would wonder why the extra bedroom then. Did they expect that many guests? Maybe they did. Of course, my memory is always bad, but I thought I recalled reading Butch gave up his bed... more
      • Re: The Cabin and it's growthChrisV, Wed Sep 12 6:58am
        Looking at the shadows, wouldn't that have the sun coming out of the north?
        • Re: The Cabin and it's growthChrisV, Wed Sep 12 7:16am
          shadows in both Tea party and jinentes pointing in same direction, so must not be north. I stand corrected. Measure the Tea Party length. Take away the section you are talking about in the Jinentes... more
    • Sundance, Giant of a man — Bob Goodwin, Wed Sep 12 5:33am
      • Re: Sundance, Giant of a manDaniel Buck, Wed Sep 12 5:48am
        Perspective distortion & other photographic headaches. Not only is EP behind and to SK's left, BC is way off to SK's right.
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