Bob Goodwin
Mon Mar 4, 2019 6:37am

Thanks Vince. I think you have convinced me that Ell Butler was probably not involved in the Springville Robbery. Though her husband Mont Butler probably was.

It also appears that Etta Place was not involved either. Flora "Ackley" who was to be married a few days later in Salt Lake just happened to be passing through. It appears that she was waiting in Springville for her soon to be husband to get back from Eureka where he must have had some mining interests. Her husband John F. Ackley has been traced back to Clay County Kansas where he came from, and then on to Washington, where he divorced Flora, and finally to Wadsworth, Nevada where he eventually died. Flora went on to be a woman of "Ill Fame" in Washington.

  • re:vince garcia, Thu Feb 28 5:05pm
    I think it is very possible though not 100% conclusive. Yes they would have been in on the robbery. I'm saying the three guys were the Currie gang. The girl I believe was EP but could have been... more
    • re: — Bob Goodwin, Mon Mar 4 6:37am
      • re:vince garcia, Tue Mar 5 3:37am
        I would question it can be proven that john ackley is the right ackley because there were so many of them around and the girl can't be IDed in census records. So whomever they are, they have to... more
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