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Thu Nov 12, 2009 18:16

"Oh yeah sure." Mattia said with a wave of his hand "Big name stuff. Working with spells asnd making sure they're safe for the masses or some stuff. Boring if you ask me, but rteally god pay. How else do you think I get such good seats at all the matches? He's got that kind of pull. If you're interested, maybe I could introduce you one day. He's always going on and on about how they need workers."

  • In comes anotherSophie, Thu Nov 12 17:42
    Sophie watched Ted leave, a sense of excitement about the coming study session where she was sure there wouldn't be any studying going on. Then something wrapped around her shoulders and she jumped.... more
    • Workforce — Mattia, Thu Nov 12 18:16
      • You would?Sophie, Thu Nov 12 18:26
        She turned, eyes wide, grabbing the front of his shirt in sheer delight. "You would do that? You would honestly do that for me? Mattia..." she smiled at him, not knowing the words to describe how... more
        • You know itMattia, Thu Nov 12 18:39
          "Yeah, I know." he said, returning her kiss. "Come on. And I was thinking, after practice Wednesady, we could hook up. Head down to the Pit, just you and me this time. No big crowds, bar all to... more
          • Starry eyedSophie, Thu Nov 12 18:55
            Sophie grinned and rested her head on his shoulder, nestling into his neck and sighing happily. It sounded awfully romantic, sitting together underneath the stars as a meteor shower lit the ceiling... more
            • DealsMattia, Thu Nov 12 19:11
              "Tonight?!" Mattia said with a start "I thought you couldn't go anywhere toongiht because you had to study?!" He looked at her in mock susipcion " Alright. But that means I get to keep you all night, ... more
              • ExcusesSophie, Thu Nov 12 19:16
                She giggled at him. He did a very good impression of her if she did say so herself. "I promise. You get me all night. Even if one or all of those things are true. Nothing will get between us," she... more
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