Georgia Derby
Darling Hannah
Wed Nov 18, 2009 09:56

"Oh Hannah! Darling, your pronunciation is so singular I hardly recognised the name!" Georgia looked the boy up and down and blinked a few times just to make sure she was seeing correctly. He was in the same house as she was but they ran in very different circles but he was a friend of Troy and that in itself was cause enough to help him out. she got to her feet and looked him in the eyes.

"Now darling, what did you say your name was? Never mind. Describe this friend of yours to me, I need skin tone, eye colour, hair colour, everything. One simply cannot throw a dress at someone and hope it will look good now, can one?" she looped her arm through his and looked around for Troy's approval.

  • From Hannah with luvsThom, Wed Nov 18 02:10
    As Ri turned bacck to Alasan, Thom turned to Georgia. He did a quick breath heck and stood up straight and and said. "Hi. Georgia right? I'm Thom. You don't rememberme...or know me really, but you... more
    • Darling Hannah — Georgia Derby, Wed Nov 18 09:56
      • Like Ri...but a girlThom, Thu Nov 19 00:37
        Thom made a show of looking around as if trying to find someone who looked close enough. "Weel,she's a bit short, reall dark wild hair like. big old eyes..." he found Ri and pointed her out. "Oh,... more
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