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The Hotties
Fri Dec 25, 2009 20:05

"Aww yeah!" he let out enthusiastically. "I mean, not that I would be caught dead diggin' on Brad's bird but..." he trailed off in a low whistle. "Hardy girl though? Cute but she's on my team! Brad would have my head on a plate before you could say benched. The older girls have got class no? Not the Bs, like the Weir girls. They are fiinnnneee!"

  • Guy talkKai, Fri Dec 25 19:50
    "Yeah whatever," Kai said glancing round. "I dunno what's wrong with me, maybe they're all like drop dead, I guess I'm just not seeing it, or not in the mood or something." He paused and then leaned... more
    • The Hotties — Max, Fri Dec 25 20:05
      • Name those namesKai, Fri Dec 25 20:13
        "Yeah like who?" Kai asked and swivelled his glance over to the Weir table. He considered the prospective candidates, but although he could still of course appreciate the sex appeal of a hot body or... more
        • PricklyMax, Fri Dec 25 20:32
          “Ruby Frazer’s got a cracking set of…” he caught her eye and turned around quickly. “Brooms” he finished rather uninspired. He glanced around and pointed in the direction of Arabella and Sally. “Look ... more
          • Where your mouth is?Kai, Fri Dec 25 20:51
            Kai tipped his chair back and considered Sally James. Actually, he thought, Bradbury's right, she's a fine looking girl. He wondered why he had never considered her before, not even really noticed... more
            • The BetMax, Fri Dec 25 21:08
              Max looked over at Sally with a thoughtful look. He took a quick look at the B table with all their properly prim looks and in particular lingered on Victoria. He could understand how pissed off Kai... more
              • A prickly customerKai, Fri Dec 25 21:53
                "Deal," Kai shook. "You are so gonna owe me Bradbury," he boasted with a confidence which actually he did not remotely feel. Sally James was a prickly customer all right, and Max was spot on when he... more
                • HedgehogSally James, Fri Dec 25 22:01
                  Sally was in the huff to put the best word to it. Everywhere she went Aaron blasting Willoughby was just there to spoil her day and she was getting sick of it. Matt wasn’t talking to her…again…and... more
                  • HonestyKai, Fri Dec 25 22:21
                    It was a good start. She had neither bitten his head off nor shunned his company. He grinned again and leaned a bronzed arm on the table. "I wondered if you wanted to go to the ball with me?" he... more
                    • Best PolicySally, Fri Dec 25 22:33
                      Sally let out an audible laugh when he asked her. Her eyebrows her raised so high they were practically in her hair line. Most guys who have run away by now but Kai was still there still talking.... more
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