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The Cold Favour of Death
Tue Jan 5, 2010 22:17

Vladimir's tone was barely hiding his detection of her true identity. How could he not recognise the woman he truly loved, truly adored, truly worshipped? The silly, simpering woman that had stood by his side through everything he had done was nothing but an inconvenience to her. In every task she had asked her General to complete this woman had blocked his true destiny at every turn. Trina Mesko was a bug that needed squashed, and quickly. Her power was rising quickly and if she was to succeed there must be no more obstacles.

A little way off she led them into a side corridor, certainly not the office of the steely Headmistress but instead, an abandoned classroom. Myrrh turned at Prophecy's command over her body to face her General and the obstacle to his unswerving affections. The wand was smooth and though unfamiliar, comforting never the less. Not that she had needed a wand for spells such as this for a long time but she was out of practice and so the traditional usage of magic would have to suffice.

This was not her body and she was still in the very early stages of her rise to power, this was no time for flashy gestures or drawn out theatrics. Her eyes locked with her General as she moved to stand beside him. Her fingers trailed along his arm and up towards his collar bone. Oh such sweet bliss to be able to touch and feel again. Her power was so much more tangible when she was...tangible. Her body leaned in, unfamiliar and not nearly as attractive as the one she had once possessed but it would have to do for the moment, her lips brushed the skin of his neck.

"Oh dear," she turned a glance to her prey. "You are in a spot of bother, aren't you Trina," she giggled like a school girl at a party. Cakes, presents and games were not on the menu here, but death. There was a flash of green light and the body of Trina slumped to the floor before her husband could even utter a breath of goodbye or apology. No such opportunities were given by his cold mistress.

Prophecy turned to her General with a stern glare. "Now this little obstacle has been removed I hope there will be no more set backs in your task. Dispose of the body," she ordered him. Before she lost control over the borrowed body she returned to the Hall and let go, returning to the recesses of the mind of the crazy woman, sitting in the corner.

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    • The Cold Favour of Death — Her, Tue Jan 5 22:17
      • Hiding the bodyValdimir, Tue Jan 5 22:57
        Vladimir watched his wife fall dead. He nodded when She gave him the order to dispose of the body. People would notice that a socialite such as Trina Mesko disappeared. He sighed and picked up the... more
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