Felton Archer
Sat Jan 23, 2010 20:40

Felton winced. His brother was always so embarrassing. Well in a way of course it was really rather super cool to have an older brother but why did he have to be so rough? He had no absolutely no refinement of manners. He felt ashamed in front of not just one, but two Russian Princesses.

"I am fine thank you very much Guyon," he said giving his brother his full title which he knew he loathed. He straightened out and smoothed down his tuxedo where Guy's rough touch had ruffled it. "And how is dearest mother an father?" he enquired.

  • Little peopleGuy, Sat Jan 23 20:27
    And suddenly they were overrun by little people, including his ever annoying brother. Guy was glad he had a chance to check up on the kid, but Felton's presence usually ended up exasperating him. His ... more
    • Uncouth — Felton Archer, Sat Jan 23 20:40
      • Outta hereGuy, Sat Jan 23 20:48
        Yup the kid hadn't improved any. Still a loathsome little toad with his affected mannerisms. That and calling him Guyon. Such a dumb name as he had been saddled with by his parents, who apparently... more
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