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Re: July 4 Parade
Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:56pm

Cathy, there are few accounts of the actual parade. E. J. "Stroller" White states, "... it was clear where the parade was to start" (Stroller White p.47) Looking at the photographs of the parade, they are moving southbound on Broadway. The stage was moved from the front of city hall to one of the wharfs according to Rev. John Sinclair so it seems logical that the parade was planned to end there. Broadway was not the main street at the time but that is where some of the parade route photographs were taken.

Of the parade route White writes, "... it ended up with four or five separate parades, each vying with the others for the right of way." It should be noted that our discussion on the actual route is merely a guess based on photographs, and unfortunately those photographs can't talk.

You have a few numbered points I'd like to address.

1) True, Broadway was not the main street of town, however, someone took several photographs of the parade going south on Broadway.
2) State Avenue may have been blocked at Fifth but photographs do show parade wagons moving along State. Were they taken during the parade or were the wagons headed for one of the starting points? We don't know.
3) True.
4) White does not describe the route of the July 4 parade so it is not possible to know that it is an "entirely different route" from the May 1 parade.
5) You assume the July 4 parade used the same route as the May 30 parade. I'm not convinced this is the case.

In regards to "My understanding of the route of the PATRIOTIC DAY PARADE is as follows."

It needs to be recognized that there were actually 3 parades in Skagway during Soapy's reign; May 1, May 30, and July 4, 1898.

You describe that

"Once the parade began, it proceeded north on Broadway. When it got to Fifth, it turned west (left). Stroller White says that Soapy and his Skaguay Military Company proceeded north while the rest of the parade went west.

Stroller says that Soapy and the rest of the parade met up with each other at Seventh and State. I presume that Soapy and his military company turned left down Sixth (with its saloons) while the businessmen paraded down Fifth with the other businesses in town. Soapy turned right up State, while the businessmen turned right up Main, circled around and met up with Soapy’s portion of the parade, as Stroller states, in front of Clancy’s Music Hall and the Princess Hotel at the corner of Seventh and State."

This is White's description of the May 1, not the May 30 parade. (Stroller White, p.15-16)

Jeff Smith

  • July 4 ParadeCathy Spude, Mon Nov 26 10:16am
    Ahhh, now I think I understand your scenario. You imagine the parade starting at the NORTH end of Broadway, proceeding south to the waterfront, and intending to end in front of city hall, but instead ... more
    • Re: July 4 Parade — Jeff Smith, Mon Nov 26 12:56pm
      • Parade RouteCathy Spude, Mon Nov 26 4:26pm
        Yes, Jeff. Thank you for clarifying. The PATRIOTIC DAY parade was on May 1. I am pleased to see that you are entertaining the idea that there may have been a Decoration Day Parade on May 30. I am... more
        • Re: Parade RouteJeff Smith, Tue Nov 27 11:05am
          As you probably know by now I invited others to participate in this discussion. Due to the lack of provenance we can not possibly come up with one single documented version of the July 4 parade.... more
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