"Actually, no..."
Tue Mar 3, 2015 22:43

"I only just met him - I've known Ripper much longer myself." He motioned his beaked head towards the Deinonychus sitting nearby. "The angel's name is Cupid, by the way. As for Rayner, he's a humanized pegasus from the My Little Pony continuum, and his nesting grounds are over at the DMS. I first met him a few weeks after joining the PPC, just after my sister made an ass of herself on her first mission."
He chuckled dryly, clicking his beak again. "That's also how I met Rina and Randa, who joined me on my latest mission - which also happened to be Ripper's first one. A Pokemon badfic of epic proportions involving no less than four character replacements - and, from what Ripper told me, a dragon in a Poké Ball."

  • "Actually, she's still alive."SeaTurtle, Tue Mar 3 16:47
    "The Patrol officers managed to talk her down and convince her to surrender. She's in DMSE&R right now helping them test out who knows what." Benoît idly stirred his soup with his spoon. "Come to... more
    • "Actually, no..." — SkarmorySilver, Tue Mar 3 22:43
      • "And more importantly, is it anime-verse or game -verse? I imagine that the former must have a lot more visitors than the latter. Though I have to admit that keeping a dragon in a Poké Ball isn't... more
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