Darby Borough Boomers
Near school
Thu Jul 9, 2009 12:30pm

Oh, Ok. Is it near the Sunoco station?

  • Re: Photosmaria bellano scandle, Thu Jul 9 12:22pm
    Duke's is in Springfield..144 Saxer Ave (610) 543-9601. It's off of Baltimore Pike. There's a Swiss Farms on the corner of Baltimore and Saxer.
    • Near school — krit2577171, Thu Jul 9 12:30pm
      • Re: Near schoolmaria bellano scandle, Thu Jul 9 1:36pm
        Yes, about 2 more blocks up on the same side. Last building before the train tracks, before the school
        • Don't forgetkrit2577171, Fri Jul 10 12:44am
          I just hope I don't forget the day. Memory banks are obsolete, must have them refreshed.
        • OKkrit2577171, Thu Jul 9 1:52pm
          OK. I got it now. It takes stuff longer to sink into the aging concrete lol
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