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Thanks very useful
Tue Sep 11, 2018 20:26

All day long I've been telling her that the media always exaggerate and cannot be trusted because they think 'the story' matters more than the truth.

I even found the latest maps and pointed out that we were right on the very outside of the projected path and its conical effects projection.

Alright it is always possible that the damn thing wont follow the predicted path and its certainly best to err on the safe side when you dont have a vehicle to rely on if you need to do a runner if you miscalculated!

The sad fact of the matter is that my dear wife just loves a storm in a teacup and will do a Chicken Little number on the slightest excuse. Also to be really honest, lets face it, I do tend to be a lazy sod when it comes to hard work hassles!

On the other hand we are the ONLY people here to have boarded up our windows and the few that I've spoken to aren't the slightest bit concerned and see no reason to freak out at all.

I've been through three major hits since I first moved here in the late 80's and seen some pretty drastic damage done like one waterfront friend who has a video of bloody great waves rolling through his living room three foot deep.

When we lived in Hallwood (pre Tammy) which was 1/2 mile from the Bay, albeit low lying, we were surrounded by water 3 foot deep which just came up to the level of the verandah but didnt enter the house. However the car was parked on the road which is raised up about the same height as the verandah so no damage done.

On the other hand I just know that the first time I say "Oh sod it, nothing ever really gets that bad" will be the day the worse that can happen does happen. Anyway I haven't seen my grandchildren since Christmas so its all good, I couldn't really do anything useful if I stayed here and herself would go round the bloody twist!

  • I watch NOAA... - sarge, Tue Sep 11 17:47
    ...rather than the fear-mongering trollops in sheaths on the Weather Channel, since NOAA is where WC and everyone else gets the nugget of info they then blow all into a great faff and fear exercise... more
    • Re: I watch NOAA... - roger, Wed Sep 12 07:40
      I agree about NOAA.I have it on my computer and it has been much more accurate than others. One of the local TV stations in Savannah seems to use NOAA also.
    • Thanks very useful - mike, Tue Sep 11 20:26
      • I know it won't... - sarge, Tue Sep 11 21:24
        ...convince her, and that is just fine; was intended to help you keep your perspective, look cool, and keep your nut. Grin! Keep those links in your bookmarks and you'll be on top of the situation,... more
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