Sylvia Mordue
Tue Dec 11, 2018 08:26

Sylvia repressed a sigh as Caitlin suggested that they ought not to play Quidditch, and Katerina immediately (and understandably) objected. Quidditch was a subject one ought to steer clear of as much as possible unless one wanted to get a headache or make enemies. She thought Caitlin would have known better. The trouble was, it was so very political that taking any kind of opinion put you in someone or other’s bad books, it looked like a statement one way or the other if you said anything, and thus it was really better if one could get away with saying nothing at all. It was a little like Ex Uncle Nicky in that regard - just nicer when everyone pretended it didn’t exist. But now it was out there and she was stuck in the middle having to find something suitable to say that made sure that no one was offended - that Katerina was not offended on her sister’s behalf, and that Caitlin didn’t feel bad about her suggesting being rejected (which it was going to have to be). Still, if Caitlin was upset about her ideas not being accepted, she would just have to learn to voice better and more acceptable ideas

“I’ve often admired your sister’s taste, she’s very elegant,” Sylvia assured Katerina. Well, she had certainly noticed Tatiana. It was rather impossible not to. She was a little on the garish side, tending to flaunt her wealth in a way that Sylvia thought might verge on tasteless and unattractive. But she obviously was wealthy and proper, and she was friends with all the right people in her own yeargroup (more than friends with one of them, judging by their behaviour). “And we certainly wouldn’t want to make a suggestion that offends her.

“All of us are going to have our personal likes and dislikes. I think it’s important that we distinguish between what we personally want to do and what it’s reasonable to expect everyone to do. I personally wouldn’t want to play Quidditch. As Caitlin said, it’s so rough and it would be rather impossible to stay neat and ladylike whilst doing it,” she opined, hoping that Caitlin would be mollified by Sylvia sharing her opinion if not her decision. “But I can’t deny that some decent young ladies play now or have in the past.

“I rather think who we choose to associate with might be an important factor,” she added, hoping to steer the meeting back into what she wanted on the agenda. “The school does rather like to throw us in with all sorts, but outside of what’s strictly necessary to get through the day, I wouldn’t want to be seen talking to anyone unsuitable. I certainly wouldn’t choose to sit with them at a meal or be their class partner.”

  • Objection, Your Honor.Katerina, Mon Dec 10 19:20
    Katerina deemed it better to be quiet and listen as Sylvia described the purpose of her organization - to mark them out as proper young ladies. This, at least, was something Katya understood. At... more
    • Upheld — Sylvia Mordue, Tue Dec 11 08:26
      • Amending my suggestionCaitlin, Fri Dec 14 09:49
        Caitlin was really glad she had plenty of practice over the years at suppressing her true emotions. First Katerina got all offended on her sister's behalf and then Sylvia backed up the Teppenpaw... more
        • Adding in my two centsTopaz Brockert, Fri Dec 14 18:06
          One might not think that Topaz would be interested in attending the get-together that Sylvia Mordue was putting on. A bunch of pureblood girls drinking coffee and talking about trivial topics like... more
          • Offering input.Katerina, Tue Dec 18 18:52
            Tom-boy. This word was evidently important in some way, but Katya was not sure what it meant exactly. Caitlin Pierce kept using it, though, and implying…something…. “I accept it,” said Katya when... more
            • It seems we all agreeSylvia Mordue, Sat Dec 22 10:05
              Everything was going more smoothly. Caitlin apologised and clarified her point, and everyone seemed to be agreeing with each other. Sylvia rather thought that no tomboys was covered by saying that... more
              • IndeedCaitlin (and a bit of Allegra), Thu Dec 27 20:39
                Caitlin breathed a sigh of relief when Katerina accepted her apology. She supposed she could understand loyalty to one's sibling after all as her brother was the person she was closest to in the... more
                • QuestionTopaz, Thu Dec 27 22:27
                  Topaz was happy that Sylvia had accepted her suggestion instead of putting her down like she had Caitlin. Especially considering that her idea had made Caitlin's original suggestion more likely as... more
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