WW1 film by Peter Jackson.
Fri Mar 23, 2018 13:53

Hi Smithy

You are right.

There is a film which could be made easily using much published material including many words written by the famous pilots of 56 Squadron:Ball VC, McCudden VC, Arthur Rhys-Davids, Bowman, Hoidge, Constable Maxwell and others. That huge book: High In the Empty Blue by Alex Revell is more than enough for any script writer alone, add to this the books on or by the pilots:Flying Fury by McCudden, Albert Ball VC, McCudden VC, The Vivid Air ( on Maxwell), Albert and Flora, Captain Ball VC, and Brief Glory (On Rhys-Davids who got Voss) by Alex Revell, and others too numerous to mention will provide enough background, thoughts, feelings, words for actors to bring alive on a tv or film screen. There are many images and some cine footage too of men like Ball and McCudden also.

Winged Victory is a moving book and was based on VM Yeates own experiences and friendship in his Camel squadron in WW1. Another good one for quality writing, is Into the Blue by Norman MacMillan, a superb combat account and brilliantly written with vivid, atmospheric prose that takes you into the Mess, the various places pilots went to in France and the skies over the Trenches. Mac was to fight Voss and Richthofen also. He flew Sopwith one and a half strutters, Pups and Camels with 45 Sqn. They could use this book alone for a film added to Winged Victory and something like All Quiet on the Western Front, possibly using also Journey`s End for ideas too.

In terms of pure air combats and the best description for what it was like later in the war I would suggest they use Combat Report by Bill Lambert a great book, he shot down around 22 If I remember with 24 Squadron. He suffered post traumatic Stress disorder but they did not call it that then.

Winged Victory sold for huge sums in WW2 to aircrew who knew this told it like it was and learned a lot from it and how aircrews coped with stress, loss and the high probability of death in the air.

Peter Jackson you are THE Man to be able to do it. Dont let Guy Ritchie or someone else get hold of this!

Smithy, here is something I helped with for Albert Ball VC for the BBC a few years ago and also more recently my research was used for the BBC-The One Show on May 4th 2017 in memory of Albert Ball VC. The link for the latter is expired but I have a copy saved on my skybox from then on Sky Plus Planner, must copy to dvd!


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