Lisa's Birthday and her birthday suit
Thu Sep 25, 2014 9:30am

My Name is Lisa and this story happened just days before I was 15 . I was busy on my birthday so weekend before I decided myself and my best friends were going to have some fun a party a strip poker party!!! I told my 2 best friends in the world Dawn and Megan what i wanted to do as we were all so horny we wanted to see our first penis . We had been playing poker on sleep overs about a year we would stop at panties we mainly tickled each other and sometimes would do things to each other nipples like ice on them Dawn shocked me about a month ago and licked mine she said she just loved them. That is what got me thinking my friends would be up for game of strip poker with boys . When I told them my idea both got big grins .Megan said "I know who's penis I want to see Tim " . I knew she had been messing with his head she teased him bad at school I thought that was possible . I said " I want to see Cliff naked" . Cliff is the guy I dream of he is a big jock and a reputation for nailing the girls he was older he was 16 I was willing to take the chance to see my dream penis .

So the big night came we played at Dawn's her parents were camping for weekend . She used excuse of a softball game to stay home she never made the game . So let me tell you about the players . Myself I am 5'6" a dirty blonde natural I am challenged about that all the time . My friends tell me I have nice shape hourglass they say I felt awkward most my teen years I did have nice tits perky about size B's i know they turned the boys heads . My friend Megan was shorter than me 5'2" her tits were a little smaller than mine and were more round she looked and dressed more a tomboy not much girl shape to her but she had very pretty blue eyes she used them to get the guys attention . Then there is Dawn she too was shorter than me about 5'4" she just little taller than Megan . Dawn's one asset I will admit I loved was her ass best ass in the school when she worn tight jeans she turned many heads however she did not believe in herself her tits were very flat but she had very perky nipples I loved to put ice on them I think that is what finally drove her to lick my nipples she got turned on the attention I gave her's all the time when playing our card games at sleepovers . Then there were the boys . Tim was every girls dream his body was perfect at any age he was only 13 but was cut he he was 5'7" and had a 6 pack as I said . Cliff was the jock however was 5' 9' and stocky but word is his penis is well he was a gift . I heard stories he was at least 8 inches I had to see it I knew Cliff would show it as I said I heard stories .

So at about 8 O Clock the boys arrived and Cliff as promised brought beer he knew guys who would buy it . My friends and I knew we would need a few beers to go forward with the game . So we all started drinking and discussing rules . This ended up being harder than I thought . When us girls play well we just agree when all the bra's are off we are done and first one lose bra is one who pays a forfeit . Cliff wanted control of game as he talked I could tell he wanted to see tits as fast has he could . He insisted that winner of hand would tell the loser's what to take off he would not back off that demand finally he agreed only low hand would have to forfeit cloths he wanted all the losers to lose cloths . We agreed on number of cloths we would wear it would be 5 and we would lose our shoes and socks before game started . Since I new Cliff wanted to see tits the girls would wear tank tops under there shirts and well the boys knew what we wanted to see so they were allowed to wear swim trucks under there shorts . It had to be this way or we feared the boys may not play . We were about to start to play when Tim threw out curve balls .

Tim said " I brought something to make the game more interesting " . He pulled out a pair of handcuffs . I ask "What the hell they for ?'" Tim replied first person naked has to wear them rest the night . I said "No way how about a hour ?" I knew the girls would not like this but I knew we would lose the boys so I put it out there and the boys said OK . I was right the one of the girls did not like it and it was Dawn I heard her say "OK let's make it real interesting ." She pulled out a vibrator must been her Mom's . I pulled her aside said lets go in the kitchen so we can talk .

So Dawn and i went into the kitchen . I ask Dawn what are you thinking? She said" I was afraid the boys were going to back out:and well I have dreamed using this on you many times so let's give the boys a show ." I looked at her realizing it was out there lets give the boys a show So i said OK .

I decided to make things real interesting and save whoever is wearing the handcuffs I said how about first one naked an be saved from handcuffs if they can masterbate 10 minutes without cumming. they will not have to wear the handcuffs." I figured no way the boys make it 10 minutes 5 maybe . Quickly both said OK .

Finally we were ready to play then Tim had 1 last twist he said" We will play with a joker in the deck if the winning hand has the joker they can either buy back a article of clothing or tell all who lost what 1 article of clothing to take off . I was so ready to play I said "fine!!" I thought might keep my tits covered longer . I said "deal"!!!

Cliff dealt first hand looking back may not been wise . Cliff had question before we looked at our cards so what is end of game . I spoke up said "It is my party I will say how things end When all are naked but one the last person with any cloths will then tell each of losers one forfeit to do the first person naked will be given first forfeit then the rest will play high card for order and anything goes except no ...ing do we all agree ?" Cliff and Tim had big smiles the girls turned pale . Cliff said " I like those rules . I know my friends new they would get naked at least part way we had seen our tits it would be price to see penis's .

So first round my hand was not very good but I thought I was safe but boy was I wrong . Tim one the first hand and he won with a joker . Tim said "since you cannot buy any cloths back I think everyone should have o take off 2 articles of my choosing . I said "No way !!" Tim said "You are getting naked anyway so why not speed things up ." I realized he was right . So I said "OK" . I figured since we had 3 shirts on our tits are safe for now . Tim made Cliff take both his shirt and shorts over trunks . Then he looked at Dawn He said he liked her ass made her take off her shorts revealing pink panties Dawn face was very red the panties were very low cut he made her take off her shirt revealing her tank top .Then he looked at Megan Tim said 'I have hard something about you want to see if it is true." He made her take off her shorts revealing white panties with very dark patch and a few pubes sticking out . Tin said 'So it is true " Megan just got a big smile Tim the shocked all by saying "Take off those panties " Megan turned very pale finally after about a minute she put fingers under the band and slowly pulled them down revealing more pubes s she pulled then finally to the clit she stopped I saw glisten I looked her panties were wet she was turned on already . Tim said" Well I see your clit you have nothing to hide take them off finally Megan got her panties off . I knew she had lots of pubes but it was quite a sight very dark mound of hair she sat down . Then Tim made me take off my shirt and tank top revealing a lacy white bra I wanted tease Cliff but not so soon .

Cliff spoke up before next hand ask Dawn to get a trash bag . When she got back Cliff said 'Put all the cloths in the bag that way no one is backing out ." So the cloths were gathered and the game continued Cliff was staring a hole through my lace bra my nipples were erect he was getting excited . My luck was no better in next hand I had nothing and I paid the price Cliff won this hand and I had low hand I knew what was coming . I was about to be as bad off as Megan with her bush and clit revealed . Cliff said "Lisa take off that bra want to see those titties!!!". I had taken off my bra many times in front my friends on sleepovers this is different I reached behind and unclasp my bra I knew it would hard so i just let it fall to the floor revealing my perky tits and my nipples were erect pointing right at Cliff .This game is not going as planned at all I wanted to see a penis instead 2 boys just say my tits .

The luck turned the girls way next few hands Dawn and I got the boys down to there trunks they both appeared to be erect seems rumors of Cliff were true .Then Tim finally stopped the boys losing streak Dawn had low hand he got her down to bra and panties Dawn had been lucky she still had her tits and pussy covered . I realized soon we were going have first person naked I so wanted it to be Cliff .

The next 2 hands Cliff and I won we made each other Cliffs trunks you should seen his bulge in his boxers . When i took my panties off revealed lace white panties Cliff had big grin . I ready get his boxers off . Instead things turned into nightmare Tim had huge grin I knew he won and i had nothing I was sure I lost and i was right . Tim grabbed the hand cuffs . Then Dawn grabbed the vibrator said "Wait remember if Lisa can last 10 minutes without cumming she will not have to wear the handcuffs ." Tim said ' fine I want to see some more pussy my face was very red I took off my lace panties to reveal my neatly trimmed pubes just about my clit . Tim said"I will set my watch for 10 minutes ." he then handed me the vibrator I saw Dawn and Cliff both had big grins . I went and laid down on the floor in middle of all . I realized 10 minutes there is no way I only said 10 minutes was for the boys I knew they would not last . I tried go slow playing with edge of my pussy making circle motion . I was getting wet Tim at 5 minute mark said 'You are half way there" Then Dawn spoke up and said 'I think she needs help " Tim said "Sure" . I realized this was Dawn dream and I was in real trouble . She started to tease my pussy rubbing my very wet lips she held it against them I was soaked and could feel a orgasm was building . Then Tim said 2 minutes I thought maybe I could holdout right ten Dawn entered my pussy about a inch it was enough I had never dared do that i just rubbed mine outside when on my own . I realized I was about to cum and there was nothing I could do about it cum juice shot out my pussy I think everyone jaw dropped that had never happened to me ever . I just lay there in shock in a big puddle under my ass . Before I could recover Tim grabbed me I was so out it I did not fight back he pulled my arms behind me and put on the cuffs I felt more than naked . I could tell Cliff was loving this I looked down and cum was still coming out my pussy there was nothing I could do . I thought well it is my Birthday so now I am in my birthday suit in all my glory for all to see . Cliff then messed with my head he said "Now the hour will start when all are naked . This is not the party I dreamed of at all as I still have not seen a penis and I am naked and handcuffed what is bad about handcuffs as I sat at table with rest I felt my perky tits were sticking out more while my pussy was dripping I know I was turning on the boys I think Dawn too . I was ready to get the night over but I knew it was just starting for me.

The game was drawing to a close dawn lost next hand to Cliff true to his rep he made her take off her pink bra her face was bright read I told you her tits were pretty flat but she had beautiful dark round nipples .She tried to cover Tim said 'No fair " she did not argue . So my friends were in trouble Megan in her white bra and Dawn in her pink panties . Dawn who was best poker player of us finally had some luck she got Tim down to his briefs while Cliff was down to his boxers . The next hand fate stuck Cliff with great luck and what a hand . Dawn thought she had the hand she would have but Cliff had the joker and he was ready to end the game and get on with the forfeits . Cliff then said "well since all have one article lets get naked I will tell who when He looked at Dawn who's face was still very red I want to see that ass Dawn slowly pulled her pink panties down then just above her clit was revealed she had small patch of very dark pubes as dark as Megan but trimmed up but not a strip like mine then Megan grabbed Dawns panties and yanked them down . Dawn was in shock . Tim said 'I want to see that ass turn around I do not think her face could get any more red she did turn both boys smiled . Cliff then made Megan take off her bra she did as I did she just let it drop to real her round tits just a little smaller than mine she had big round nipple very big with thick pointy tips and her nipples were dark too. She seemed fine being naked as she had her pussy exposed at least hour or so . Tim then slid his briefs down to most beautiful thing I saw a 7 inch penis it was perfect as his body he just stood and smiled .

Cliff said "Ok losers one hand high card to decide order of forfeits . Megan had low card so she would go after me I was first then it would be Tim then Dawn as she had high card . Dawn ask" Since I drew high card can I call a forfeit on whoever I want ?" Cliff said "Seems fair but you still have to do my forfeit . Dawn said "sure " she had huge smile I was not sure what was in her head .

Cliff looked at me said "Well birthday I know what you want for your birthday Dawn told me as Dawn told Tim about Megan hairy bush so i will give your your present then you will give me mine " Cliff quickly dropped his boxers and the biggest dick ever was in front me I had seen picture but never thought one could be so big he was nearly 16 but still anyway was at least 8 inches maybe nine it was very thick too .Cliff then said "Blow job time" . They helped me to my knees since I had the cuffs on . Tim said 'I just set the clock for 1 hour .' Well this was what i wanted. Cliff said ' I want to cum on your tits . I was OK with that I was not sure I could swallow . So I started by licking his dick then I went to his ball finally I put what I could in my mouth after about 5 minutes Cliff was into it then he pulled my head away and started jerking then he groaned and shot 3 massive loads of cum on my tits then about 4 strings of cum on my flat belly then I felt some cum on my knees finally he was done unloading I looked down cum was on my left nipple and was dripping then all of sudden Dawn jumped up and licked the cum from my nipple . I had a feeling I knew the forfeit Dawn had planed my night was not over . I was still covered with Cliff's cum . I ask can someone wipe it off Tim said "No I think it is hot looking so I was stuck naked with Cliff's massive load on my body . Tim leaned over said something to Cliff . The Cliff looked to Megan .

Megan looked a little scared Cliff said shave your bush . Megan was not happy she liked her bush .Dawn went and got a razor slowly Megan pussy got naked her clit was very wet . Then Cliff looked to Tim he had huge smile Cliff made Tim eat Megan pussy He attacked it he had Megan moaning within about 3 minutes he knew how to use his tongue you could tell Megan grabbed his head she was into it this went on close to 10 minutes I noticed the puddle under Megan ass she pushed Tim away after low moan from her both seemed happy . Cliff was happy he looked to Dawn and ask" You want to do your my or your forfeit first ?" Dawn replied "Yours first .Cliff told her give Tim a blow job . Dawn was slow to do it but as she licked Tim she got into it . Tim was really into it in about 5 minutes Tim pushed Dawn away and shot strings of cum over Dawn naked body there were like 5 strings of cum on Dawns small tits and flat belly she seemed OK with it then she with her fingers put the strings of cum in her mouth Tim was smiling .Dawn said well now my turn and looked at me .

Dawn walked to me looked at my naked handcuffed dry cum all over it finally my pussy quit dripping . She got on her knees first she licked my nipples a good 5 minutes . Then she w

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