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Treble rebel
Part 4
Mon Aug 27, 2018 07:57

“Aww she looks so cute” Said Michelle, who took another picture. Jorgina knew if she did anything she would have these pics all over the internet.

Ellie had begun to dig in the bag again. “Right lie down on your back Jorgina, and spread your legs, with your hands above your head.” Said Ellie starting to love the control she had over the older girl.

Jorgina started to cry but did as she was told. “ Right first things first let’s get you clean shall we?”

Suddenly they heard voices coming from the pool, towards them. Jorgina squealed and started to squirm she didn’t want anybody else seeing her like this, she was panicked and squirming. “hold still, how am I meant to clean you if you won’t lie still. Right if you won’t lie still I’m taking your locker key clothes and swimming costume and leaving you here naked.” Said Ellie scolding the teen girl lying in front of her.

Jorgina terrified of being left naked in the swimming baths in the middle of town, tried her hardest to lie still even though the other voices were getting louder every second. Ellie glad Jorgina had finally stopped squirming reached into her bag and pulled out a bag of wet wipes. Ellie removed a wipe and began to clean Jorgina as the disembodied voices came closer. Their owners came around the corner, the voices belonged to two elderly female bathers who paid the group no attention what so ever and moved to the other side of the room to get changed.

Ellie finished cleaning Jorgina and then went back into her bag, and pulled out some nappy rash cream, Ellie started applying it to Jorgina’s pussy and bum, just as three more voices could be heard. Jorgina who had relaxed since the two ladies had entered started tensing up again. Jorgina started to panic as she realised that these voices belonged to a young girl and two young boys. She was lying spread with no clothes on and her hands above her head. The white rash cream clearly showed parts of Jorgina that Jorgina wanted no one to see let alone two young boys and their friend. Ellie had just finished applying the rash cream and took out some talcum powder and a nappy.

Jorgina lay as still as she could as Ellie started applying the talcum powder, but all of a sudden the three young teens were in view. They saw Ellie kneeling between Jorgina’s bare legs.the boys and girl took in the entire view of Jorgina lying there naked, with a cream and powder covered crotch. Jorgina put her hands over her eyes completely embarrassed. Jorgina’s cheeks burned red, as the two boys laughed, the young girl hit them both.

“Please excuse my ignorant cousin and brother, we didn’t realise there was a young girl being changed, do you need some privacy? I’m guessing she has special needs or something.” Said the young girl quite apologetic.

“It’s quite alright, I’m Ellie, this is Michelle and Louise, and down here we have little Jorgina. Little jorgie here is a bully at our school. She thinks it’s fun to strip and humiliate students, so this is revenge for lack of a better term, oh and you and your family are more then welcome to come over and watch me put this nappy on her.” Said Ellie politely back.

Jorgina kept her face hidden, as the three came over closer, the boys starring at her naked crotch.

“I hate bullies, but looks like this one is getting her just desserts, my name is Laura, this is Tom my brother, and James, my cousin. My for a bully who likes undressing people sure has small tits, how old is she, from the looks of her I’d say she was 12?” Said Laura.

“Jorgina kindly remove your hands from your face, Michelle take another pic and upload it to Facebook maybe that way she’ll learn to do as she is told.” Said Ellie, Michelle took the pic whilst Jorgina still covered her face, then put several emojis over the top of where Jorgina’s face should be to cover her identity, then used three more to cover Jorgina’s modesty before posting it online. The words “who is this slut” captioned over the top.

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