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Emily Fox
words at any age
Sun Nov 23, 2014 19:27

One of the things I found interesting within some of our research was that it doesn't really matter at what point we teach kids certain words. For example, many parents were surprised that my 2nd graders were learning and using words like "ingenious" and "skittish", but they are absolutely more than capable of doing it as long as we put it in kid-friendly terms. They actually love learning the big words...the bigger the more exciting, really. (They learned circumnavigate in social studies the other day and could use it appropriately.) I'm saying this in response to your questions about teaching vocabulary. Most definitely, I think teaching word parts at your level is probably where you'd get the most "bang for your buck", but whether they're words that come from 3rd grade level text or 7th grade, based on the research, they should be able to soak it in. But like Susan said, it takes lots of encounters with the words for it to soak. And I think that's what we've been missing in our vocabulary instruction in the past...

  • Prefix, etc - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 23 16:47
    The middle school vocabulary is developed through word parts. I have to teach them how to break down a word in the first nine weeks or so, but then they can start to see how a word is built. You're... more
    • words at any age - Emily Fox, Sun Nov 23 19:27
      • any age - Melissa Boyd, Mon Nov 24 16:52
        i agree Emily. My first graders love using "big words." We have been discussing metacognition in reading. We even have a song about it. It is amazing to hear them using this word correctly in... more
      • Kid Friendly - Rachel Yakey, Mon Nov 24 07:20
        I agree, Emily. It is nice to know that word selection doesn't seem to be the biggest issue as long as students can understand the context of the word. Time, time, time, seems to the biggest issue... more
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