Professor McKindy
Yeah I'm starting to get that feeling
Thu Nov 2, 2017 18:47

Although Aaron had been wandering around the room at the start of class, answering questions, he had since let the students get on with their projects without his constant hovering. If they needed help, they knew to come up to him. Aaron liked to think that he was approachable, for a professor. There were definitely some students he had taught who had found him particularly approachable - the memory of a certain first-year who thought signing essays in blood was a good idea flitted across his mind - but he liked to think that in general, his students liked him. Inexplicably, some professors seemed to like him as well, but other professors made Aaron very anxious. Even Rey still made him anxious, although Aaron had come to accept his boss’s cheerful company (and gift baskets) without too much protest.

Anyway, the class had settled enough that Aaron had felt comfortable sitting at the front of it with a large, hardcover book open in front of him. It was a text he’d read before, but it was one of the pivotal texts on theoretical charms and there was no such thing as reading a pivotal text too many times. Plus, his familiarity with the material meant that he could keep half his attention on the class. But it wasn’t long after he had opened his book before a student dashed past him and out the door. Aaron raised his eyebrows and looked up, mentally checking off students until he found the one who was missing. Connor Farnon. Strange.

Aaron probably would have spent a little bit more time contemplating how strange that was until another blur of color went past him. He blinked. Marley Chapman. That was a little less unusual, but he hadn’t thought that Marley and Connor were particularly close. He studiously paid little attention to his students’ personal lives unless they chose to share something with him, but if anything it seemed like Connor avoided Marley.

He closed his book and stood up, then stepped out of the classroom. He could see Marley headed down the hall and around a corner, and then heard a door slam. A moment later, Aaron heard his name being yelled and he started jogging. It was likely that Connor had just felt sick, but just in case - and then he saw Marley shove the door to what he knew to be the boys’ restroom open.

Oh, Merlin. In some ways, Marley was Hikaru all over again.

“Marley,” he called, “I’m sure you’re very worried about Connor, but please give him some privacy. Do you need any help, Connor?”

  • Something's wrong!! (tag: Mister Aaron) - Marley, Wed Nov 1 16:42
    Connor didn't immediately agree that yes a date would be marvelous, great idea Marley, you're marvelous too , but he also didn't immediately say no never , so she supposed that his silent staring and ... more
    • Yeah I'm starting to get that feeling - Professor McKindy, Thu Nov 2 18:47
      • You have no idea - Connor, Thu Nov 2 19:03
        Connor had barely had the opportunity to take a deep breath when he heard Marley outside the door. Why had she followed him? His eyes were wide as he looked around the bathroom contemplating the best ... more
        • I don't, either!! - Marley, Fri Nov 3 21:09
          The great thing about Mister Aaron was that he was not only super nice, but he was also a super good pay-attention-er. (Was there a real word for that? She didn’t think so, but even if there was,... more
          • At least we're all on the same page - Prof. McKindy, Sat Nov 4 11:03
            Marley stepped back and let the door swing shut, so that was one fewer thing that Aaron had to do. She was still bouncing, clearly invested in the situation, but at the very least she was giving poor ... more
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