It’s a little late
Fri Jul 20, 2018 19:07

Drew was honestly so relieved that Dade wasn’t actively arguing with him anymore that he almost missed the question. It was a question literally no one had ever asked him before, and Drew didn’t know how to answer it.

“Umm,” he said, stalling for time. Obviously Drew knew that Madeleine and Dade were friends, and he didn’t mind. Sure, it was odd—kind of like a balloon being friends with a porcupine—but they apparently got along. Madeleine talked about Dade allllllll the time if you let her, especially when she’d just seen him or gotten a letter from him. Drew assumed that meant Dade really liked her too, because Madeleine never liked people who weren’t nice to her, and she didn’t deal with arguments well. Did that mean Dade never argued with her? Now how was that fair? Maybe next time Dade got all grumpy and argumentative, Drew should just send in Madeleine to fix it. Whether she did it on purpose or just happened to be adorable, she sure could use her cuteness to her advantage.

He didn’t know what Madeleine had said to Dade, but either she’d gotten something wrong or Dade hadn’t understood what she was trying to say. Or both. Could be both. Drew shrugged. “Sure, it’s fun playing dress-up with them. But it’s not like… I mean, I would rather wear guy clothes all the time. Sometimes they just really want me to wear a dress or a skirt, so I do. It’s really hard to tell Kit or Madeleine ‘no,’” he pointed out with a grin, sure Dade would understand that because he knew both of them. “There’s nothing wrong with wearing girl clothes,” Drew would say he was pretty secure in his manliness, and a dress didn’t change that, “I just don’t really like doing it.” It had been a while since Drew had had to play a girl in the dress-up games, because he was getting better at volunteering to write the plot of their games, and then he just made up all male characters for himself. It didn’t bother him if he had to be a girl in the game. He just preferred not to.

But we’d still be friends if I were a girl anyway, right?

Dade was still talking, but Drew didnt need time to think about his response. “Of course,” Drew answered on the heel of Dade’s clarification, completely certain, no hesitation. Most of his friends were girls anyway. Dade was the only close friend he had who was a guy(ish), except maybe his cousin Josh, but he wasn’t around anymore because he’d gone to bard school. “Yeah, of course we’d still be friends if you were a girl.” Dade had said something about dress-up but Drew suspected that maybe his friend meant more than that. Drew didn’t know how it worked when someone started out as a boy and then became a girl, but he had the vague sense that it was possible. Magic could do a lot of things.

Maybe now was the moment he should say something? But what would he say? Was there any way of phrasing it that wouldn’t make Dade start arguing again? “And,” he started, “if you wanted to be a girl outside of dress-up games, that would be okay too. I’m not saying you are or you want to,” Drew added quickly before Dade could say anything, “so I don’t wanna argue about it. I’m just saying that if that was true, we would still be friends. And I wouldn’t let anyone mess with you,” he added, recalling that he had said something like that last year when the stairs messed up. He still meant it. Just let Claudia or Connor try.

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    • It’s a little late - Drew, Fri Jul 20 19:07
      • Never too late - Dade, Fri Jul 20 22:50
        The words Drew was saying made sense but also the words Drew was saying made no sense. Dade just didn’t understand it. Why would you prefer to wear guy clothes all the time? Sure, Dade didn’t - no,... more
        • Never say never - Drew, Fri Jul 20 23:57
          There was this thing that Aaron did sometimes if he got too overwhelmed or if he and Dad were having a Serious Conversation: he would turn into his animagus form, a border collie, and hide under... more
          • Hypocrite - Dade, Sat Jul 21 08:03
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            • Grump - Drew, Sat Jul 21 12:11
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