I think imaginations are part of the problem right now
Mon Jul 23, 2018 19:31

Remington didn’t realize just how hurt she’d been at Dade’s lack of responses over the summer until Claudia provided her with new information. Apparently, Dade hadn’t even been home to receive her letters. He’d been with Rose, and that was why he hadn’t responded. He simply never got them. Momentarily, she felt relief. This feeling dissipated almost instantly, though, when she started to realize what that meant. Before, Dade would have one hundred percent told Remington that he’d be at Rose’s. He knew she wrote. She was an avid letter writer and prefered doing so over texting, emailing, or calling. There was something about physically writing that was pleasant for her. It felt personal, and she really enjoyed getting letters back. Until Rocky Mountain International, she hadn’t had a consistent friend group to write.

It was hard to hear that may still be the case.

Was it becoming increasingly clear that Dade wanted nothing to do with her, or was the Draco overthinking due to a stressful and unexpected first class on the first day of her fourth year? Maybe it was a little bit of both. No matter what, it wasn’t something she could deal with now. She hoped that Dade would be in her next class, but if he were, she was even less sure that she’d be able to get him to talk to her. He clearly wasn’t above skipping classes - something proven last term - so she wouldn’t put it past him to straight up leave as soon as she tried to talk to him, even if it was the first day of a new term. She thought she knew Dade. Remington wasn’t accustomed to being wrong.

What she could focus on right now was Claudia’s defense against Drew. While Remington wanted to understand, this was one of those things she just couldn’t. The Draco opened her mouth to point out why Drew had hit Connor, but the other girl quickly mentioned that she knew about the context, at least. Remington couldn’t help but wonder if Claudia would have the same opinion if Drew had used magic against Connor instead of his fists or if Connor had used that word on Remington or Marley instead. The fourth year was positive she would have hexed him if he spoke to her that way. She’d taken some self-defense classes with her dad, but her wand was stronger than her fist.

The other point Claudia made wasn’t a surprise to Remington, but she wasn’t sure how to address it. She really didn’t want people to know about self-defense club. This wasn’t because it was bad, but because she knew it would be immediately misunderstood. The dark skinned girl was of the opinion that all magic was neutral and it was the intent of the spellcaster that tainted it towards light or dark. She knew not many people agreed, but magic wasn’t sentient. At least, she was pretty sure. Great, now she had multiple things she wanted to check in the library that evening. It was all about purpose behind its use.

“Drew is a very good friend,” she wouldn’t need a better one, that much was for sure, “But I can understand your concern. Drew and I look at questionable spells sometimes,” she chose her words carefully here, “So that might be what you saw. I - look, before you freak out, I actually have a memory that might make things a little more clear. In the Muggle world especially, people who look like Drew and me are in a bit more danger than people who look like, well… you and Connor and Dade. My parents actually gave me a talk about it. I certainly can’t speak for Drew, but from my conversations with him, that’s why he looks at some iffy magic.”

If Claudia followed the girl back to the pensieve, which happened to be free to use at that point in time, she would get to see the memory Remington chose. She’d landed on the talk her parents gave her about what to do if a police officer stopped her. This had come up after she told them she wanted to take some self-defense classes, and her dad started the conversation by asking her what she remembered from when they were stopped by an officer a couple years ago, even though her dad wasn’t speeding. She was to have her hands visible at all times, she wasn’t to talk back (even if she was with white friends who did), and she was to announce anything she did, even move to get her ID or cell phone if requested by the officer. They also told her that her white friends could get away with things she couldn’t, like drinking underage, and if caught, it was likely the blame would be placed on her before them. They asked her to not go outside of Pearl Street someone responsible at her side, preferably an adult like Garen who could be trusted. They also told her that they loved her and knew this wasn’t fair. It was emotional and tough to hear, but Remington wasn’t sure what Claudia would think. She doubted the other girl had heard a talk like that before. She just hoped that it would shed a little bit of light onto things, and she very much wanted to believe it wouldn’t hurt anything.

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    • I think imaginations are part of the problem right now - Remington, Mon Jul 23 19:31
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