I like the sound of that
Wed Apr 5, 2017 12:48

Ruben was a bit of a liar, because he said he wasn’t going to do anything interesting and then he put his hand on the small of their back, which Holland found a very interesting move. Well, all right, maybe not interesting—it was expected for a person who was leading this kind of dance, after all—but to Holland it was attention-grabbing, to say the least.

Holland stifled a nervous giggle in their throat and it made a squeaking noise instead, which they tried to cover by talking. “Yeah, I’m having a great time. Marissa always throws good parties.” The upperclassmen party earlier this year had been okay; Holland had talked to Sorsha most of the night. They liked the seventh-year well enough, although she could be a little ditzy. Holland mentally ranked Francine and Sorsha as being on the same level, with the other seventh-years grounded in a more realistic plane.

The six seventh-years could be easily categorized into three groups based on the ideal amount of time to spend with them. The girls were both small-doses kind of people; you needed breaks from Sorsha and Francine. Nick and Frankie were both cool and (unless Frankie was in Quidditch Captain mode and you were one of his players) fun to be around most of the time. At the other end of the spectrum, Justin and Lucien were definitely “spend the least amount of time possible with” kind of people.

The fifth-years were more of a cluster with satellites. The Lyras and Aquilas were close as a group and within their Houses, with Emmett as a fourth-year member closer to the Lyras. Jacob, Saad, and Steven were satellites, with whom the members of the main group got along to varying individual degrees. Holland had never seen their friendgroup as cliquey, although the events of the last few weeks had shown Holland the fifth-years (and Emmett) were more of a unit than they’d thought before. They wondered where Ruben would fit in. And perhaps Kaye - Holland had never considered the fourth years as satellites to their group, because they really weren’t (Heather and Susan were joined at the hip), but now that Russell and Kaye were around maybe the underclassmen would become more involved. Holland hoped so; Emmett was going to need friends at RMI when their class graduated.

“But this has been especially fun,” they continued to Ruben. He was very close. “Thanks for that. Are you, um, having fun too?”

  • Now, we slow it down a little - Ruben, Sat Apr 1 00:25
    Ruben was surprised by the change in pace with the party's soundtrack. To be fair, he hadn't done much partying of this style before and so couldn't really be sure that his expectations would like up ... more
    • I like the sound of that - Holland, Wed Apr 5 12:48
      • That's the reaction I was hoping for - Ruben, Thu Apr 6 00:12
        He'd never been to a party hosted by Marissa before, obviously, so he didn't have much to compare it to. But it was decent, he supposed. Good decorations, good enough music. A pretty energetic crowd, ... more
        • Were you hoping for this too? - Holland, Thu Apr 6 15:11
          Ruben moved even closer, and then let go of their hands to touch Holland’s jawline, which sent a good-nervous quiver from their cheek down to their stomach. Holland was self-consciously certain their ... more
          • One hundred percent - Ruben, Fri Apr 7 00:28
            Barring the Thor amulet he never took off, thus wearing it with something resembling religious levels of dedication, Ruben wasn’t the religious type, not at all. However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t ... more
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