We need to re-grouper
Fri Jan 5, 2018 10:36

“It might,” Holland agreed. There was some risk of pain attached to doing most things, and that didn’t make those things not worth doing. Marley’s intentions weren’t to hurt Teal; Holland had always believed that impact carried more weight than intention, but Marley’s positive intentions mattered in this situation. Holland got the feeling that the only thing that mattered to Claudia in this situation was the justification of her homophobia, but Holland wasn’t going to play. “But it also might make her and Marley very happy, so they think it’s worth potentially being hurt.” If it were anyone else, they might have drawn a parallel to Claudia and Connor’s relationship, but given that they had just broken up and that the courtship had seemed more like a business arrangement than puppy love, they decided not to.

Noticing that Claudia seemed very upset, Holland put the lipstick options down, drew their wand, and nonverbally cast a spell to Claudia’s makeup in place. They used the spell almost daily—it was more reliable than even their best setting spray—so it was one of the charms they were best at implementing nonverbally. Until the charm was removed with a finite, Claudia’s makeup wouldn’t smudge, even if she ate breakfast, rubbed at her face, or cried.

Now was likely not the time to ask Claudia to smile so that they could apply blush. Holland toyed with whether or not to provide the first personal comparison that came to mind. Would it help Claudia to hear about a similar situation from the perspective of the half-blooded queer friend of a pureblood?

It couldn’t hurt, they decided. “I can relate to that,” Holland said carefully. “Being friends with your brother wasn’t easy at first either. We didn’t get along at all during the beginning of our first year.” Danny had spent the first few weeks at RMI misgendering them, casually insulting Muggles, commenting on their clothing, attempting to debate whether Holland’s gender identity could exist, and refusing to work with them in class. But once Holland had confronted Danny about it, he’d apologized (unlike a certain unrelated Dubois) and actually made an effort to learn. After midterm of their first year he had gotten a lot better at being their friend. Not that the Lyras agreed on everything—Holland had many beliefs about the government, extraterrestrial life, human rights, the gender binary, and the aristocracy which Danny did not share—but they got along well now. Mostly. Except for when Danny did stupid things like admitting feelings for them while dating another one of their friends.

Holland continued, “But it was worth it, because Danny’s one of my best friends now.” Which was why things being awkward between them had been so hard. Emmett was their best friend, but he was still younger than Holland. The year’s gap between them became more obvious as graduation approached. Danny was in their year and House, and despite having fewer overlapping classes, they sometimes had more to talk about.

“You’re probably never going to find someone with whom you agree on every issue one hundred percent of the time,” Holland pointed out. “If you really like being friends with her, then you need to figure out whether her friendship outweighs the potential of having some disagreements.” Holland suspected that Claudia was coming from a place of heteronormativity and not one of friendly concern, but they felt their next suggestion could help either way: “And if you don’t understand why Marley is going out with Teal, then maybe you should talk to her about it.”

  • It's making me crabby - Claudia, Fri Jan 5 04:48
    Closing her eyes and saying nothing while Holland continued to apply her make-up was very soothing for Claudia. It had been an especially tumultuous second part of the year, and perhaps she’d been... more
    • We need to re-grouper - Holland, Fri Jan 5 10:36
      • Play a different tuna - Claudia, Sun Jan 7 13:38
        Risk was a very personal concept. Claudia was taking a risk today with her statement dress and make up, but the risk was low: most people probably wouldn’t notice the change in her look, and of the... more
        • Don’t mind my carping - Holland, Mon Jan 8 06:44
          Holland chose the red lipstick—if you wanted to make a statement, why speak quietly?—and offered it to Claudia to apply. She had the lighted wall-mounted mirror to use in guiding her application of... more
          • Holland handed Claudia a red lipstick. It wasn’t a shade she would have chosen for herself, but Claudia trusted Holland’s judgment on make-up, if nothing else. She took it and turned to the mirror,... more
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