Cannibalism is frowned upon
Sat Mar 3, 2018 17:04

Okay well now Dade sounded kind of mad and that wasn’t what Drew had wanted, like, at all. He felt like Dade had maybe proved the opposite of the point he was trying to make, though. Playing dress-up was just wearing a costume, like in a play or for Halloween. Wearing different clothes didn’t change your gender. Drew was pretty sure if he put on a dress and tried to go up to the dorm, the stairs would still know that he was a boy.

Dade was right about Holland and Maverick being able to go up both stairs, only… well, Drew didn’t know a lot about gender stuff, but he was pretty sure there was more than one way to be not an ordinary gender. So maybe Dade wasn’t non-binary like Holland, but instead he was a girl, or… wait, no, that wouldn’t make sense because the boys’ stairs did work for him sometimes. Could you be a gender only some of the time? That didn’t make sense.

But Dade obviously wasn’t just like Drew, because the stairs never messed up for Drew. Or for Huburt or Connor, before today, or for anyone else, as far as Drew knew. So something was different. It might not be gender, but Dade was the one who had brought up the stairs knowing your gender, not Drew, so why was he getting so mad about it anyway?

He didn’t like to argue, so Drew held up his hands in a gesture of surrender. “Okay. I didn’t hear anything,” he said, not totally sure what Dade had meant by that. “I just mean, like, if the stairs are messing up because you’re not a boy all the time,” he said that part like a question because he wasn’t totally sure that that was a thing, “or whatever, that’s okay. It wouldn’t mean you’re not normal and—like, if that’s true, I won’t let anyone mess with you,” he said, as easily and seriously as he would say it to Madeleine or Kit. With some of the stuff they had been learning in self-defense club he was pretty sure that Dade could stop people from messing with him fine all on his own, but Drew wanted to tell Dade he was on his side. “Anyway if you don’t think it’s about gender then it doesn’t matter, right? But you brought it up, don’t get mad at me,” he added, not at all defensive, just pointing it out. He didn’t want to get snapped at when he was trying to help.

  • Only if we can eat our friends - Dade, Sat Mar 3 15:54
    Huh. Dade hadn’t known that the staff quarters just made new rooms when they were needed. There was technically an Age Line around the elevator, which was a spell, but if Drew said the elevator... more
    • Cannibalism is frowned upon - Drew, Sat Mar 3 17:04
      • Only in most societies - Dade, Sun Mar 4 10:35
        Dade felt several different kinds of weird and he didn’t know what to do about any of them. He was uncomfortable because of the thing with the stairs. Drew was right - he was the one who had been... more
        • It definitely is in ours - Drew, Wed Mar 21 14:44
          Dade didn’t say anything about else about the gender stuff. He also didn’t apologize for getting mad at Drew, but Drew was used to Dade not really apologizing. Sometimes they would get in unimportant ... more
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