I don't think I like change
Wed Jan 3, 2018 08:08

It was about three seconds between the words leaving Connor’s mouth and Drew practically running toward him to hit him. At first, Connor was shocked. He had never actually been hit before, not like this. Him and Dade would squabble, and when they were younger Dade had definitely had a penchant for biting people, but there was a difference between sibling squabbles and someone who was practically a stranger jumping at you to start hitting you. And that was after Drew had already hit him with his guitar!

The thing about being punched, Connor quickly realized, was that it hurt.

If he had ever thought about the possibility of getting punched, it was likely Connor would have come to that conclusion without much thought. But it wasn’t a scenario the third-year had ever really considered. In his world, people didn’t punch other people because that was just not a thing that was done. Maybe they disagreed with words, like he had just now, but taking it to the level of actual physical confrontation was not something that polite people did. Which was, of course, probably exactly why Drew was doing it. If Connor wasn’t busy getting hit, he would probably have been righteously angry.

But Connor was busy getting hit, and it was really hard to try and block Drew’s punches and also not cry at the same time because it hurt. It didn’t take long for tears to start running down his face as he tried to push Drew off him. Connor would have said something but his brain was too busy processing what was going on to actually create sentences. Drew had hit him in the corner of his eye at some point and it hurt a lot and at some point, Connor’s attempts to shove Drew off turned into Connor hitting Drew right back. Then, all of a sudden, they were ripped apart and Connor was left hanging slightly off the ground with tears streaming down his face and a runny nose and an eye that felt like it was definitely going to swell and probably turn all black and blue and what had he done to deserve this?

“He insulted my father and then he hit me,” Connor sniffled. “Out of nowhere, like a psycho.”

Drew was definitely a psycho. Nobody attacked someone out of nowhere like that, it was stupid and mean-spirited and not something people actually did. But Connor realized suddenly that the person he had just called a psycho was the ‘son’ of the person that had just stopped their fight. Great. Now he was going to get in trouble just because Professor McKindy liked Drew more than him. This was so unfair!

  • Nobody is changing anything - Professor Aaron McKindy, Wed Jan 3 07:45
    Over the years, Aaron McKindy had stopped assigning much homework. He had been teaching for - well, he had been teaching for long enough that he didn’t want to think about how long he had been... more
    • I don't think I like change - Connor, Wed Jan 3 08:08
      • It’s not that bad - Drew, Wed Jan 3 09:50
        On the upside, Drew was able to punch Connor for longer than he thought he was going to be able to. He had only meant to hit him once, but then he had realized that Connor might hit back if he had... more
        • Only if it's change for the better - Professor McKindy, Wed Jan 3 11:31
          Aaron wasn’t exactly sure what he had been expecting when he asked the boys what had happened, but he was pretty sure that it was on the level of what Connor had said. Well, not directly - Drew... more
          • This was definitely not for the better - Connor, Wed Jan 3 11:58
            Connor was still crying a little bit but he was no longer actively being punched, so his tears were starting to subside, although his sniffling wasn’t. He was embarrassed to be crying in front of the ... more
            • “Better” is subjective - Drew, Wed Jan 3 12:31
              Drew did not land super gracefully when Aaron let the spell down, but after a stumble he regained his footing and obediently went to Aaron’s office. Okay so this wasn’t going great , but things could ... more
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