mike maristch
Indiana train wreck
Wed Dec 3, 2008 14:03 (XFF:

Thanks Mr. Grave's for looking, I will wait to hear from you.

  • train wreckHarry Graves, Wed Dec 3 13:10
    Mike, still can't find the photo I will start looking for something on ths wreck and will copy to you what I find. Thanks, Harry.
    • Indiana train wreck — mike maristch, Wed Dec 3 14:03
      • wreckHarry S. Graves, Thu Dec 4 11:16
        Mike, contact Ray State on this site. He may be able to assist you faster than myself. Thanks, Harry,
        • Cambridge Citymichael Maristch, Wed Dec 10 13:19
          Hello Mr. Graves I contacted Mr. State as you suggested. He stated that he didn't have a picture of this accident so I thought I would let you know and wait until you find the picture that you have . ... more
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