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train wreck
Fri Jul 31, 2009 02:09

Mike, I have a 4 inch thich photo albumn jammed full of pre-1950 freight collisions. I will look for Cambridge City and Dublin. Since the wreck appears to have happened between the two places it could have been named after either one. If this doesn't pan out don't be too disappointed. This wreck may not have never been photographed. It has been my experience that during the time in question the average person did not have a camera and 99% of photos were taken by a professional photographer and then sold as postcards. I will get on this asap. P.S. The photo that I thought I had was Cambria. Sorry about that. Harry.

  • 12/25/1910 cambridge cityMike Maristch, Thu Jul 30 16:23
    Hi Mr. Graves, I tried to email the articles about the accident to you but it would not go through under your email address. The accident was a freight train collision into the caboose of another... more
    • train wreck — Harry S. Graves, Fri Jul 31 02:09
      • train wreckMike Maristch, Fri Jul 31 03:10
        Mr. Graves thanks for your help I will wait to here from you. Mike
        • cambridge cityHarry S. Graves, Wed Aug 5 22:33
          Mike, I have searched all of my photos and could not find what you want. If something ever does show up I will let you know. Sorry, Harry.
          • Train WreckMichael Maristch, Thu Aug 6 03:07
            Thank you Mr. Graves for looking through your photo's for me. Mike M.
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