John Voelker
Hey Bridget
Sat Nov 18, 2006 9:43am (XFF:

Yes I do rember you a little bit how life treating you are you still in texas i live in San Diego Ca. its nice but cost way to much to live here well let me know how thing are going

  • Hey JohnBridget Otte 85-88, Mon Nov 13 2:29pm
    Do you remember me? We were obviously at the home at the same time. I dated Jacques. Graduated 1988? Bridget Otte
    • Hey Bridget — John Voelker, Sat Nov 18 9:43am
      • Bridget & JohnRobert (Nichols) Tibbs 87-91, Mon Mar 3 3:53pm
        This is Robert I lived with Jaques and john and a whole bunch of other guys drop me an email.
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