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Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:04pm

Hi Scott, this is Jeannette cosmi joe attaway daughter.
he does have a brother name Eddie & billy. My day wanted me to ask u if
U stayed in one of the dorm with him. The first one was herited merited and second was Howard

  • Umm...Scott Wilson 1973- 1977, Fri Jul 11 8:37pm
    Yeah, I do know a guy named Joe Attaway come to think of it. Pretty decent guy, we were friends from what I remember.
    • Re: Umm... — 1972-1974, Sat Jul 12 12:04pm
      • Joe AttawayJudy Hale Jones '75-'83, Tue Jul 22 2:13am
        I remember Joe Attaway, who went by the nickname "Go Go" and was in Youngblood home unit with Mr and Mrs Davis around 1980. He had an older brother named Marc (which I believe was short for Marcelle) ... more
        • Joe Attaway Joe Attaway 1972-1974, Tue Jul 22 7:01pm
          Yes, that would be my uncle my dad's younger brother. We have three Joe Attaways in our family. He also has a sister named Stephanie that we call Angel that also stayed there at the same time. she... more
          • Angel AttawayBarbara Beckendorf 1980-1981, Mon Aug 10 12:42pm
            Hello, I was one of Angel's homeparents in the Doss homeunit and I have a few photos of her. I'd like to find her so I can share the pictures with her. If you can help I'd appreciate it! Barbara
            • Angel AttawayAttawayGym, Thu Aug 13 12:20pm
              Hi, I am Angels' older brother. If you send an e-mail to with contact information I will make sure and forward your information to her. Also, if you go to (Gym... more
          • Joe AttawayJudy Hale Jones, Mon Jul 28 12:08am
            OK, I only knew the younger brother, but do have some recollection of names being used more than once within the family. Tell Stephanie I did work there for 8 years. I remember the name Angel... more
      • Re: Umm...Scott Wilson 1973- 1977, Sat Jul 12 12:26pm
        Me, a guy named Wayne Heard used to run around with Joe or maybe it was Billy??? So long ago, remembering people and things that I haven't in years lol.
        • Re: Umm...1972-1974, Sat Jul 12 1:02pm
          Scott I just spoke to my uncle billy & he said that Wayan heard was one of his best friends..Billy wants U to friend request him on Facebook. Remember u have to look him up under William attaway
        • Re: Umm...1972-1974, Sat Jul 12 12:47pm
          He said wayan heard sounds familiar. Do U have a Facebook? Both of my uncles Or on face book.. Eddie attaway & billy attaway. Billy goes by William attaway on Facebook .
      • Re: Umm...Scott Wilson 1973- 1977, Sat Jul 12 12:15pm
        Yes I believe that in Harry Meredith with the Cobb's I think as home parents and I think maybe Williams that I think now is a female home unit. I remember all 3 Attaway's...
        • Re: Umm...1972-1974, Sat Jul 12 12:37pm
          My dad said Harry Meredith was the wootins home parents. He said to tell u ur right at home parents the cops was later cops is the one that smoke that big cigar
      • Re: Umm...1972-1974, Sat Jul 12 12:06pm
        Sorry meant to say dad not day
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