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John Boessenecker
Wells Fargo
Wed Aug 9, 2017 20:59

I agree that Wells Fargo was way more established in California than in Southern Arizona, and the company surely realized how important a mining center Tombstone was becoming in 1879, but it still brings us back to the main sticking point: undercover agents infiltrate criminal gangs, not towns or cities.

  • Thinking like ValentineCasey Tefertiller, Wed Aug 9 20:38
    John, WF had “friends” and friendly law officers throughout the Motherlode. I read in this great book that Bob Paul was involved with WF long before his move to Arizona. By 1880, WF knew the area,... more
    • Wells Fargo — John Boessenecker, Wed Aug 9 20:59
      • Reading Valentine's mindCasey Tefertiller, Thu Aug 10 10:30
        John, That is the key point. How can we read Valentine’s mind? How can we know what he was thinking? Because something is usually done in one certain way does not mean it is always done in that way.... more
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