Greg Ellison
Mon Aug 26, 2019 08:25

I had a website for years showcasing my collection. The photo you mentioned was one of the photos that I posted on my site as a Jesse James related photo. Over time I studied the history of Jesse James relationship with Billy the Kid and discovered that they had been in Las Vegas at the same time as Doc Holliday and in fact they knew each other quite well. As I studied the photo I did some comparisons and realized this could be them in the photo as stated so on my website. Others (Frank Huguelet aka Ric Savage aka Mel Graf) stole the photo from my site and immediately started claimimmg that I said it was absolutely the outlaws. I never have but I do believe that it is them. Please STUDY the photo and comparisons before disparaging it.

  • I don’t understand...Jeff Morey, Mon Aug 26 06:54
    Greg, I don’t understand. If you “never claimed the photo is 100% authenticated”, what exactly did you claim? My Best, Jeff Morey
    • Jeff — Greg Ellison, Mon Aug 26 08:25
      • Jesse James, Billy the Kid and Doc Holliday .....Jeff Morey, Mon Aug 26 11:19
        Greg, How did you determine that Jesse James, Billy the Kid, and Doc Holliday “knew each other quite well”? My Best, Jeff Morey
        • Marshall Trimble...Greg Ellison, Mon Aug 26 11:28
          ...summed it up quite well. If you will email me @ I can provide you the information.
          • Jeffrey MoreyGreg Ellison, Tue Aug 27 19:28
            After receiving your request for information through my email I sent you several photographs and Marshall Trimble's own words connecting Jesse,Doc and the Kid. I have heard nothing but crickets since ... more
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