Furthermore, Behan had to shoot a man....
Thu Aug 29, 2019 06:02

...just three years before (1878) while on official business in Yavapai County. He was collecting for a bill from a carpenter named Mann, when the latter showed fight with a pistol.

  • Deputy Beakenridge disagreesK.t.K., Thu Aug 29 05:19
    Behan was armed even while sitting at his desk in the Cochise County Sheriff's Office. Breck recalled the time Behan's revolver fell out of the scabbard while leaning back in his chair, the gun hit... more
    • I don't think so. Tom Gaumer, Thu Aug 29 18:50
      KtK You gave no checkable source except Breakenridge, where I might check the details, so I won't. I remember the incident but would guess the lack of a solid clear source might mean the details... more
    • Furthermore, Behan had to shoot a man.... — K.t.K., Thu Aug 29 06:02
      • I believe most people/lawman would understandTom Gaumer, Thu Aug 29 19:03
        KtK the dangers of collecting a bill might require a gun as resistance might take place. Behan was a good shot and would have had and used a gun if necessary. I believe Behan, like most, would assess ... more
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